Sunday, April 20, 2014

Flu and colds in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miracle of nature and perfectly normal to you during your pregnancy healthy. Sometimes it is still impossible to avoid colds and flu. During pregnancy, a pregnant woman's immune system is weakened, so that it is much more susceptible to viral infections such as colds and flu. 

However, there is no reason to panic. Most colds go without consequences for the mother and the fetus. In pregnancy, the stuffy nose normal and do not worry too much about it.
Danger may be fever.
If you catch the flu during flu or flu increase fluid intake. You need to consume at least 10 glasses of fluid a day. Drink water, juice and other liquids, especially in a situation when your appetite is weakened.

If you're not in the mood for all three meals a day, eat several small but frequent meals so as not to endanger the baby. Rest and get up your head while lying down, because that makes breathing easier.

Inhalation can be of great use to refine the nose and improve breathing. If you do not have inhlator use a towel over the hot water.

Pregnant women who previously have difficulties with your sinuses, can the state of flu and colds have a headache. When these problems can be useful warm compresses over the eyes, neck and scalp.

Body temperature must be measured several times during the day. If the temperature is above 38 degrees Fahrenheit, you should contact your doctor! You must seek medical attention if coughing up thick secretions, blood or have a pain in your chest.
Do not take any medication on your own during your pregnancy!

Certain medications can be purchased without a prescription. By no means do not use them without permission from a doctor.

Influenza or flu can cause loss of appetite. Be persistent, enter enough fluids. Juices, soups, jelly and ice cream are very useful. Constantly nibble healthy foods, such as crackers, especially when the appetite begins to return to normal.
If symptoms persist and seek help from a doctor.

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