Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Allergies during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the perfection of nature. Good thing for all pregnant women suffering from allergies is to significantly reduce the symptoms of allergies during the happy state in which you are located. However, because each story has it own but I must warn you of the fact that during pregnancy can occur entirely new allergies or can intensify existing allergies. 

The organism responds to an allergy in a variety of ways. Changes in the skin, runny eyes, nose, coughing, wheezing are some of the manifestations of allergic reactions.

Allergies during pregnancy usually make same factors that are dangerous and out of the blessed state, such as dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites. Allergens that cause allergic reaction to inhaled allergens are known. Food is also a very common cause of allergies. Allergens from food called nutritive allergens and these are usually: milk, cereal and fruit.

If you have an innate tendency toward allergies, then there is a real danger that allergies erupt during pregnancy. Fortunate to any allergies you have had the first pregnancy does not have to erupt during the second pregnancy. However, you can always apply some new allergies, therefore be careful.

With the progression of pregnancy, due to the size of the stomach, changing the breathing and women more breathing through the mouth and inhaled the growing number of allergens.

Due to the large and continuous constant hormonal changes in the body, the immune system is weakened by pregnancy and therefore a harmless causes allergies can do great damage to the body. In this case, you should avoid large crowds, traffic and polluted cities.

Allergies during pregnancy can be treated successfully. There are medications that are not dangerous to the mother or the baby. Anti-allergy sprays and antihistamines can significantly alleviate the symptoms.Although many of these drugs can be purchased without a prescription, do not do anything on his own.
Allergies are a very serious and very complex conditions that must be controlled by experts!
If you have previously visited allergists, it would be good to review the same doctor as the best knowledge of history and will certainly try to do whatever is best for you and your baby!
Also, make sure the use of nasal sprays and inhalers. From everyday experience registers the fact that many patients do not know the proper medication use.
Also note the relaxation, because the stres is also one of the major triggers of allergic reactions.

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