Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Do vaccines really work?

The modern era brings a lot of dilemmas and blunders in our lives. 

Discovery of vaccines  is definitely one of the greatest discoveries in human history. Do you know how many lives saved in vaccines?Vaccine not absolute protection against disease. persons who have been immunized against certain diseases can also become ill, but in vaccinated almost never occur most serious form of the disease.

Translation: "If your child gets a vaccine against tuberculosis, it may still suffer from this disease, but the possibility that the most serious forms of TB occurrence is extremely low. In this case, the vaccine protects us from tuberculosis, but also reduces your risk of tuberculous meningitis and sepsis to a minimum. "

Today, a large number of parents is in a dilemma whether to vaccinate your child or not?

Vaccines are epoch-making discovery, but still not perfect.
No vaccine does not guarantee immunity him who is vaccinated.

The immune system in humans is very complex. For unknown reasons, some people do not become immune after a vaccine and remain susceptible to disease. Some people eventually lose their immunity if they receive an extra dose. Some secrets of medicine has not yet been revealed.

However, vaccination still provides the best protection against the largest number of infectious diseases.

Opponents argue that the vaccine is better to let the child's immune system develops slowly and naturally since the vaccination carries a risk of complications.
I work as a doctor and his son, I regularly vaccinated.
Decision up to you, because no one mosaic guarantee that it will not occur due to certain complication of the vaccine. Complications in the form panencephalistis luckily occur very rarely.

The final decision is still up to you. Before you decide anything thoroughly inform themselves about the positive and negative things, that the positive effects of vaccines and their risks.
Ultimately, it is about your child and do not do anything which is why you can repent.

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