Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to behave during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is definitely the best period in the life of every woman. The moment you find out you wear a new life in you, you smile to come down from his mouth. Together with a smile, come anxiety, fear, and asked "Do you all will be fine with the baby and me? These are normal fears, of course, if they are reasonable.

Pregnancy the general rule that you all share various tips and daily "sole memory." There are useful tips that should be embraced, and many superstitious nonsense right from the start to be rejected. There are a number of prejudices, unfortunately for decades in the brains of women in this our Balkans.

How to behave during pregnancy?
Below are some useful information for all expectant moms ...

1 Pregnancy is not a disease! Everything that happens in the body during pregnancy is totally natural and perfect. Fatigue during pregnancy is normal. Old rules require rest in pregnancy.
Research shows that moderate work and movement is very important for a healthy pregnancy outcome, of course, if it is a normal pregnancy.
Pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to relax. The moment you feel tired, take a break as you want, how you want and where you want. Enjoy!

2 During pregnancy, exercise is preferable. However, do not do all kinds of exercises. Running should be avoided. Also exercise in which stress the abdominal and back muscles are not the best choice. Heavy lifting not out of the question. All of the above can cause preterm labor.
Swimming, walking and light aerobics are the perfect choice for pregnant women. Breathing exercises are also helpful.

3 During pregnancy you should not eat like two, but you have to eat for two. You do not need to eat double the amount of food, but you should eat a healthy diet. Meals divide into smaller. Eat milk and milk products, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken. You should not eat fatty foods, snacks and very salt meat products. Make sure the ingredients are fresh and disinfected. Listeria can be very dangerous bacteria in food for pregnant women. Sometimes make an exception and eat what you are eating, pregnancy is still another condition.

4 During pregnancy, you still have to think of the weight. Excess weight in pregnancy cause many complications, including some life-threatening conditions such as eclampsia. The normal amount of weight you need to get the pregnancy is around 12 kg.  The figure is the same for all pregnant women, because of our constitution and genetics are not the same in all women. You may gain weight rapidly. Then comes swelling and high blood pressure that threatens the life and the baby and you. You do not need to hold the child during pregnancy, but be careful what, when and how you eat. You must be controlled for the good of your baby and yourself.

5 In pregnancy, wear bright colors, do what makes you happy, just think positive, do not read too many articles and forums on the internet, including this one and enjoy!
Everything will be fine.
Emotions in pregnancy are the most intense emotions in your life. I lived a lot of nice things in life, but the moment when I felt the first stirrings of my baby the most beautiful moment of my life and of course the moment when I first saw it. You will soon discover that telling the truth. Good luck, my dear pregnant ... 

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