Friday, September 20, 2013

Color hair during pregnancy?

The following is a dilemma that plagues a multitude pregnant women, particularly considering the fact the pregnant women want to be more beautiful than usual.

Color hair in pregnancy - yes or no?

This is certainly one of the most frequent questions that interested the mothers. A large number of pregnant women are asked if they are allowed to use hair dye. If you have never painted hair before pregnancy do not be paint hair either in a blissful state, due to possible allergic reactions. On the other hand, if you're used to paint hair regularly, keep it still. The only thing you can change is the kind of hair colors. Instead of over-aggressive colors that contain a lot of ammonia, using plant-based paints. Herbal colors are completely natural and easily available. They are quite effective in gray coverage, permanent hair color is not affected, and most importantly, your baby is safe and secure.

If you're used to lightens hair blanche, pregnancy forget about this procedure, but instead choose a shade of blue. Excessive hair loss is also a very common problem for pregnant women face. In addition, hair is easier to damage and the ends become dry and cracked. These changes to the hair resulting from hormonal fluctuations. The problem is solved by using masks and packs of hair, you can easily make in your own kitchen or help a good hairdresser.
My dear pregnant women be nice and do not forget that pregnancy is the most beautiful time in your lives.

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