Friday, August 16, 2013

How to reduce the fear of doctors?

There are many adults who are afraid of visiting a doctor. It is therefore not surprising that our little things that we love so much too afraid of doctors.

How to conquer fear of doctors?
The following are tips on how you can together conquer fear of doctors, or at least mitigate its intensity.

1 Take your child with you when you go to the doctor
When the kids realize that adults are going at Uncle Doctor, will not feel like it's just everything. You will see what to expect in the office and during his visit would not be so nervous, because the fear of the unknown significantly mitigated.

2 Specify child on the positive
The child feels when you are nervous and scared and so try to stay calm, calm ii full confidence. If you are calm and unruffled, chances are that your child will be like that. Let your voice be positive when talking about the doctor and act like you're excited about going.

3 Educate your child
Look for books about doctors and reviews. In this way, your toddler can identify with other children who are experiencing similar situations. Do not be too technical, just explain to him that every child must go to a Doctor Uncle and it was a nice and good person who cares about the health and safety of children. Tell that to the doctor friendly staff, nice to have books and toys in the waiting room and how mom or dad to buy a surprise gift when the review has been completed.

4 Be honest with your child
Be honest about what was going on. Tell him that some of what the doctor will do, maybe a little hurt. "The doctor will now give you a shot and you'll feel a little burning sensation at the time, but everything will be fine."

5 Do not be impatient
Do not be nervous and do not be impatient with your child. Remember that the fearful and insecure. Tell him that it's okay to cry, but he has to sit still when you enter the office, otherwise the examination will last much longer.

7 Plan a merry go out after a visit to the doctor
Offer your toddler something to rejoice when he leaves office. Take it on the kebabs and a Coke. Plan a trip to the playground, ice cream, or visit friends from the kindergarten.

8 Let your child be comfortable
Bring a toy or thing to which he feels safer and more comfortable. When you grow up a bit just let him choose what to wear before you go to the doctor. Suggest that she take something that can show and share with other children in the waiting room.

9 Play doctor and patient
Converting can do wonders for a nervous child. Buy toy set that includes doctoral tool and allow him to examine you or stuffed animals. Knowing how things are, the child will feel more comfortable during the actual examination.

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