Friday, July 5, 2013

Obesity and pregnancy are a dangerous combination

Besides the fact that obesity is a growing global problem, what concerns us is that from day to day the number of obese pregnant women.

In the UK, conducted a three-year study, the results are not encouraging-about 5% of pregnant women is very overweight, body mass index exceeds 35, and 30% are obese and fat.

There are risks that obesity entails and they will be discussed in this article, as well as ways to maintain your weight during pregnancy.

Obesity in pregnancy is a particular problem because it exposes the risk to both mother and unborn child.

The results showed that the number of stillbirths two times higher in obese women compared to the total number nacionlani and that the risk increases in proportion to increase weight pregnant.

Fat women are at greater risk of developing venous thromboembolism, a potentially fatal condition, as well as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure (caused by pregnancy) than women with normal weight.

The rate of cesarean delivery performance is also higher for thicker women and breastfeeding difficulties.

Watch your weight
All pregnant women should be careful and monitor your weight in order to successfully cope with potential risks. These risks pose a risk for both mother and baby and it is very important that you go to each control.

You're eating for two
If you are already pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you realize that it is very important to maintain the lost weight, and because of you and the baby.

Before we look at some strategies for controlling weight, it is necessary to dispel the most common myth-now eating for two.

According to doctors and experts, this is an old wives' tale and therefore not true. It is a very popular myth that pregnant women should eat more so that their baby was healthy and developing properly. And there's no truth to that. A healthy and balanced diet is much better for both mother and baby.

Pregnancy is a great time to fix eating habits if they were not good before getting pregnant. Most women quit smoking and alcohol, so why not have the same access to food and exercise? Then the pregnant women worried about their health because they know that it directly affects the fruit and motivated and to make changes in your diet.

Tips on proper nutrition
A healthy diet for pregnant women is, in many ways, the same as for the whole population.

Meals should include starchy foods such as potatoes, pasta or rice, lean meats, such as poultry and fish, with at least one portion of oily fish per week (salmon or mackerel) - omega-3 fatty acids in these fish species are particularly important the development of the baby.

You need to enter your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and reduce your intake of calorie-rich foods, such as crisps, biscuits and chocolate, to maintain body weight.

They are very healthy and nutritious meals consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and not only keep lost weight but provides the necessary minerals and vitamins for you and your baby.

It is much better to get the groceries from food rather than from supplements. The only exception is that folic acid taken as a supplement, but do not forget the broccoli, asparagus (asparagus), peas, brown rice, which are rich in folic acid.

The best way to take care of yourself and your baby is to eat a balanced, healthy diet and stay as active as possible during the nine months. If all this will help you to adopt good habits, the better.

Keeping fit
Another common myth associated with pregnancy is that you need to lie down and rest all nine months.Again, this is neither helpful nor accurate.

Women need to combine a healthy diet and exercise. Obviously, you do not need to do anything much more hard, especially in the first trimester, but the general practice, as well as walking and swimming are a great idea.

As every woman knows, the best thing about water is that it supports the weight. As you become more and more, this is a great way to relax (because you need that safety approved), but also gentle, safe way to exercise your whole body. 

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