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Do I carry twins?

Does multiple pregnancy and specific signs of pregnancy?

Yes .... and no.

It is true that morning sickness, fatigue and weight gain may be more intense in proportion with the number of babies. Pregnancy can be a torturous, twice, three times more tired or four times more weight. But some unlucky moms feel only mild discomfort, and mild to suspect that rarely carry more than one child.

Make a list of 10 characters twin / multiple pregnancy. If you suspect you are carrying more than one child - because of the presence of symptoms that are mentioned, or just for female intuition - talk to your gynecologist.

10 signs of a twin / multiple pregnancy:

1 Weight gain

As multiple pregnancy can cause a rapid increase in the uterus, it can also lead to increased weight gain.How many pregnant women gaining weight may vary depending on its height, body type and how much is sought prior to pregnancy. Increased or rapid weight gain can be primarily indicative of increased food intake, not multiples.

By the end of the second quarter, the majority of mothers of twins get between 7 and 11 kg, while the singleton pregnant women receive between 4.5 and 9 kg.

2 Measuring the size of the fetus with respect to gestational age

During pregnancy, the gynecologist will measure fundal height (upper edge of the uterus). It is measured from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus. Height holdings serve as an indicator of gestational age. Twin or multiple pregnancy can cause the growth of the uterus above the limits singleton pregnancy. However, other factors may cause an increase in size.

The increased size of the uterus can be a powerful sign of multiple pregnancy. However, for most women, pregnancy is seen early and do not alert the whole family if you do not fit into your favorite jeans in the sixth week of pregnancy.

3 Most profound weakness and fatigue

One child "sucks" physical energy, and imagine how it makes two, three or more children, who always carry with you. If you have not been pregnant, will surprise you with a lack of energy, but you will not think it's anything unusual. If you have already been pregnant with a child, you will think that fatigue powerful, because you are older or because of existing family and work commitments. But fatigue is probably the most common ailment of multiple pregnancy.

A mother remembers her twins: "The worst was tired. I could not stay awake after 15 hours, a fatigue caught me driving home. I endured the house, but I fell asleep in the car in the driveway. "

4 Elevated levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

Doctors can monitor the level of hCG for different reasons. HCG is a hormone in the blood and urine of pregnant women found 10 days after conception; levels growing rapidly and reaches its peak around 10weeks of pregnancy. Gemini can cause elevated levels of hCG. However, normal levels of hCG in twin falls within the bounds of normal singleton pregnancy.

5 Abnormal results Alpha-fetoprotein test

AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) is a blood test that is carried out in pregnant women in the second quarter. It is known as the triple test is used to detect the risk of certain disorders of the fetus. Twin pregnancy can cause high levels of AFP.

For many mothers who do not experience any specific symptoms, this is the first thing that is suspicious to them and their gynecologists. AFP test measures a protein that is normally found in fetal blood, liver and excreted it.

Carrying more than one baby increases the level of this protein in the mother's blood. Because higher levels of this protein can point to irregularities in the case of singleton pregnancy, the doctor will order an ultrasound in order to resolve the situation.

6 More intense morning sickness, including fatigue and vomiting

About 50% of pregnant women experience any kind of nausea or vomiting associated with their pregnancy.Multiple pregnant women are no exception, but they have been hit by a double dose. Only about 15% of respondents in a survey said they had intense morning sickness as an indicator of multiples.

Some mothers of twins claim to have pregnancy symptoms were more intense than in the first singleton pregnancy.

Mother of twins born 2,001th The recalls: "I had morning sickness when I was carrying twins, I had them in the first two pregnancies. I lost 2 pounds in the first quarter. "However, she realized that having twins or three hours before delivery!

Another example, a mother of triplets said: "I can not say I noticed a big difference between my daughter and triplets. In fact, torturous, I was in the first pregnancy, but now with the threes. "

7 Early / frequent moving of the child

A sense of moving the child inside the womb - or children - is one of the most exciting moments of pregnancy.

Although medical experts do not agree, the mother of the twins claim that before they feel their baby moving. Mother argue that those very first "hit" and "butterflies" in the stomach of one of the first phrases that carry more than one child.

The mother of twins said twice: "When I was carrying twins, I knew that I wear them. I knew he or she has two or if the octopus! "

However, another mother has experienced the opposite: "If I knew that I carry twins, I never decided on their movements in the abdomen. In fact, my daughter was very much alive in the belly! She hit me and jumped all the time! These two youngsters are not up to her knees, but I'm 21 week of pregnancy! "

8 Occurrence of twins in the family / female intuition

While other items on this list can not rely on visible evidence - the symptoms, test results, etc.. - We can challenge the power of the mother's intuition. The occurrence of multiple pregnancies in the family history, or strong intuition can be persuasive indicators. Talk to your gynecologist about feelings.

9 Doppler examination

Using harmless sound waves, the Doppler system allows us to hear the heart beating more, these sounds can usually be separated at the end of the first quarter. Experienced gynecologist can detect more than one heart rate, and thus diagnose multiple pregnancy. However, sounds can take us in the wrong direction, which is what it may sound like another heart rate, may actually be background noise or ticking heart of the mother.

10th Confirmation of ultrasound

Seeing is believing ... the only true way to confirm a twin or multiple pregnancy is seen babies - ultrasound.Image of ultrasound can undoubtedly prove to carry a baby anymore.

And finally a few common questions related to multiple pregnancy:

"Great" I, and only I was in the 8th week of pregnancy, is it possible to carry twins?
Maybe so. A common reason for scales showed disproportionately more weight given to how much you are pregnant is that your gynecologist miscalculated date of conception. Ultrasound will solve the dilemma and determine whether they have calculated the exact dates of birth and carry it really twins.

How to detect multiple pregnancy?
While modern techniques, such as ultrasound, did not take root and become part of prenatal care, most pregnant women are not known to carry the twins until birth. Such surprises are a rarity today. During a routine ultrasound is usually found to be a višeplodnoj pregnancy and during the first trimester. Ultrasound is a fairly safe means of discovering the twins, but in the case of višeplodnoj pregnancy, it is difficult to detect the exact number of babies.

When will I know whether they are identical or fraternal twins?
You may not find out until birth. If they share the amniotic bag with one placenta is definitely going on identical twins. Sometimes it can be determined by ultrasound, depending on the knowledge of a gynecologist.

Will it be the same physically?
To answer this question you will have to wait until the moment of birth or even until the children reach the age of one year. The easiest way is to answer the question if the ultrasound finds that these are children of both sexes. If you find that you carry twins on the first ultrasound before 12 weeks gestation ask a gynecologist to check the placenta. A placenta is usually a sign that it was identical twins. Two placenta can lead to no conclusion as it may be about identical and fraternal twins.

After birth, children can be subjected to a blood test and also analyze blood type, enzymes and do a DNA test.

Finally, as the twins grow follow the color and density of their hair, eye color, shape of ears and little teeth eruption and it will lead to the final conclusion.

Feelings that occur with multiple gestation pregnancy?
In his book "When expecting twins, triplets or quadruplets» dr. Barbara Luke concludes that psychological time multiple pregnancy usually consists of five predictable conditions:

anger, anxiety, depression,
Weighing the advantages and disadvantages,
acceptance and adaptation.
Read how some mothers twos and threes felt when they found out the good news that baby in their tummy's got company:

"I was amazed, concerned about the health of their baby and scared that something might gone awry in pregnancy / childbirth." - Mother of twins

"Excited! While epinephrine had relented. Then I was terrified by the thought that I have two little babies that I will not have to worry. "- Mother of twins

"Shocked and disappointed - it did not fit into our plans. It took a while to get back and be excited. "- Mother of twins

"A bit of panic and a lot of excitement, but they told us that the third fetus is unlikely to survive. We were burdened by the fact that we have a two year old twins and at the same time. "- Mother of twins

"I came over a lot of different feelings. We were excited because I was pregnant after a struggle with infertility. Also, I've always wanted twins. However, I was afraid - I asked if it would be problematic pregnancies. It was easier because they were in the starting five! "- Mother of twins

"We were very surprised. In our family, there were pairs of triplets. That was the last thing you would expect to hear on the ultrasound. Once we felt like zombies a few days, I became excited. My husband was always walking around with a calculator, but rejoiced when we told our parents. We had a lot of ups and downs along the way, but now I think it is the norm to have three children at once! "- Mother of triplets

At this point it is important to share your feelings with your partner and observing pregnancy (and your relationship) as a priority. It's okay not to be enthusiastic in the beginning! All parents, regardless of how they were lost when they learn that they will get more than one child and no matter how they were exhausted during the first few months, adapted to the joys and challenges of twins, triplets or quadruplets.And you will! 

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