Sunday, May 5, 2013

The second pregnancy

Indeed the distinction of being pregnant for the second time. Although you feel experienced, you may experience many surprises, both physical and mental. Physically you, even up to a month earlier than in the first pregnancy, begin to feel the recoil and spread of cancer because the uterus is heavier yielding to repeated stretching. There is a great possibility that Braxton Hicks contractions are stronger and more painful, especially towards the end of pregnancy. The good side is that you may be in another pregnancy much earlier to feel the movements of your child. 

During the first pregnancy, you probably spent a lot of time thinking about pregnancy and the baby in the belly. Now that you have a child they have to worry, you may not be able to focus on pregnancy as the first time. This is completely normal and does not mean that you will love this child less. Mothers are often afraid if he could give to another child and enough love. Do not worry, love is not a finite number, it is an endless inventory of emotions. We suggest that whether or not you attend prenatal classes to do this again, preferably with his wife to make it easier to connect with pregnancy and another child.

There are many ways to alleviate and brighten another pregnancy. Here are some of them:

Slow down. No matter how it may seem difficult and impossible, it is extremely important to find time for rest and relaxation. Now is not the time to take on additional tasks, your first child will occupy enough and tired.

Eat well. Often times you have so much to do around your child that it is easy to skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is especially difficult if the child and pregnancy, work or study. Take the time to properly eat breakfast, most days if you are not at home, bring a meal with you, and if you are with your child at home, plug it into the preparation of daily meals that will engage the child.

Rest and often. If you have a child at home and that more sleep during the day, make it, and you lie down with him, no matter how much you work at home still waiting. Or wait for the husband to return from work and let him take care of a child while you have a rest. If you are a single mother and the child does not sleep during the day, hire him puzzles, crayons, coloring books or bricks and lie down next to him during the game. It does not matter whether you go to sleep, it is important to lie down for at least half an hour a day and rest. If you believe that sleeping too little time, change the time of going to bed - let it be as soon as your child feel sleepy.

Find your own ways to save time. For example, swim with the child, teach the child to bed just saved and tidying toys behind. Let your child help in the small household chores - dusting, preparing and clearing the table (depending on the age of the child), the suction. Cook double quantities and freeze the extra for another day.

Do not hesitate to ask for help. Neighbors may be happy to play around an hour with your child or for a walk. The husband might discover to enjoy grocery shopping. Employ grandparents, remember: half an hour a day of rest makes you wonder!

Spend quality time with the older child. Take time when you can talk in peace with your child, play with dice or just read a beautiful story. Do not forget these moments even when the baby is born - at least take the time to read a bedtime story. It is important to include the child in preparation for the arrival of a little brother or sister's - may help set the bed, placed ROBICO. Take it to buy things that are missing for the baby. Let your child listen and felt the movements of the baby in belly together to talk baby belly: it will help the child to be easier to prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

Plan. Before the baby is born, plan activities that you can do with your baby and older child. One of the activities is a lovely walk, and it's also nice to read your older child while breastfeeding. Plan and that in which you can help your child with the baby, such as diapers or making ROBICO as change your baby.Some older child really feel that it helps in taking care of the baby.

Remember that creating a family life that your children will remember forever. Show them love you more every day and encourages them to communicate. 

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