Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pregnancy and the vehicle seat belt

Summer and vacations are in full swing. Once again we are witnessing the chase in the south, to an even greater speeds, according to new roads. Are pregnant women hastening together with others toward the sea, crickets and pine twigs. But as you drive, if you are attached, do you break from driving, drinking enough fluids? 

Very often we have to deal with the conclusion that it is not necessary to tie in pregnancy, and that it is even dangerous and harmful.

The truth is quite different: it is dangerous does not tie up.

It is, of course, make sure that the correct binding mode and that this method does not hurt the baby. Thus, the lower belt must lie as low as possible across the pelvis bones, which are normally the strongest bone in your body, and not across the abdomen to avoid a collision shook the uterus and cervix started peeling prematurely. Your baby has the best pad and it's your stomach. To protect it, you need to protect yourself ... restraints.

If you tighten the belt or annoying, you can try to get one of the sequels to his belt which will help ease the discomfort. Unfortunately, we did not see in the market, but even in Slovenia, and it definitely in Austria, you can find more models.

If by chance you are actually a participant in the accident, make sure you visit a doctor, even though you have no symptoms and feel well. A brief review will not hurt.

Long run can only aggravate the symptoms that you otherwise "entertain" such as cramps, swelling, etc..Therefore, take short breaks at least every 90 minutes. A little walk around, stretch it, make vjeĹžbice stretching legs. Remember my side constantly have water to drink.

Have a nice trip and a pleasant vacation! 

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