Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pregnancy after infertility

Your pregnancy test finally shows long dreamed cross. Rub your eyes, you fall into a trance of infinite happiness. But very soon, all your emotions, all your happiness and excitement turns into fear permeated the uncertainty of complications in pregnancy, the fear that you can do something that you could lose your little "crumb". Often the fear and move. 

While most women do not even know they are pregnant, you "nibble toes" awaiting their first "beta" (ßHcg) and slowly begin to collect evidence yourself and others that you really are pregnant. This is followed by verification "doubling betas." In the meantime, you're full of fear about whether your pregnancy vanmaternična, how many embryos actually "received" with great anticipation isčekujute their first ultrasound examination, which should finally confirm pregnancy.

Your fears can sometimes be justified because only very operation of inflammation in the fallopian tubes, then assisted reproduction methods, GIFT (Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer) and ZIFT (Zygote Intra Fallopian Transfer) in which the egg and sperm or fertilized egg already placed directly into the fallopian tube, and the former vanmaternična pregnancy can increase the chances of pregnancy vanmaternična. IVF (In Vitro Ferilization) circumvents the role of the fallopian tubes, ie. embryo is transferred directly into the uterus, thus the chances of pregnancy vanmaternična very small. It is comforting is that the vast majority of today vanmaterničnih pregnancy, especially in the earliest stages, it can treat a drug called Methotrexate, which stops the sharing of tissue or laparoscopic surgery without removal of the fallopian tubes.

Furthermore, one of the most common concerns following the procedure of infertility is the probability of multiple pregnancies. Many couples, after a long and difficult struggle with infertility, says twins or triplets blessing. Although the vast majority of multiple pregnancies resulting in healthy babies, carrying more than one baby puts you in the category of increased risk of miscarriage and other possible complications.

"Third Rock from the Sun" will get you a long time to worry is fear of a miscarriage. Abortion is a nightmare for anyone, especially for those who have so long struggled hard to come to their babies. Although doctors still can not hundred percent certainty the reasons for early abortion, they usually have occurred due to some genetic problems in fetal development as a result of errors in very complex "mixing" of genes. The most obvious sign that the abortion is performed heavy bleeding and abdominal pain. If you have reached the age of 12 weeks of pregnancy, you are free to vent, because about 80 percent of abortions occur in the first trimester of pregnancy - after which the risk of miscarriage drop significantly.

Many times, a fear of miscarriage may affect your decision to "discover" the pregnancy to your loved ones.You and your partner can experience a wide range of emotions: from frustration to your family is not at all concerned - to the disappointment of their caution and lack of excitement. Try to talk to loved ones about their needs and expectations, and fears, so that they know what to say and do.

After all you've been through and after a permanent repressed feelings and convince themselves that do not expect anything from this time, it is difficult to understand and accept that your pregnancy is real, especially if you have experienced previous pregnancy loss.

Try as much as possible to talk to your partner about the fear of optimism about the "games" of your brain, for example., "If you think it will happen, it will not" and vice versa. Also, often delaying the purchase of maternity equipment and / or later baby gear so you do not "bewitched" pregnancy. Such thinking and fear of optmizma can greatly influence a "miss" much desired first months of pregnancy and parenting adjustment. If you can, let you enjoy every day of pregnancy - this will create positive feelings and the environment, regardless of the outcome. Positive thinking can help to reduce the tension you feel now. You may want to consider keeping pregnancy diary to document, analyze and understand their emotions and their ongoing major changes.

Sometimes the fact that you are desperate to get pregnant, it can create resistance to complain about the negative aspects of pregnancy such as nausea, weight gain, stretch marks, insomnia .... The same denial of feelings may occur after the birth of your child, you will feel that you can not express your frustration about how you are sleep deprived or unsure of parenting skills. Remember that you are only human and it's okay that you are not happy in every aspect of pregnancy and parenthood.

Probably every stage of your pregnancy will be filled with a mixture of fear and excitement; infertility black cloud will obscure some experiences that can be joyful for most prospective parents - but what you struggle with infertility certainly learned is to never underestimate and ignore their fertility , pregnancy, or your child, and you learn to appreciate the little things and you know enjoy. 

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