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There are several characteristics associated with twin pregnancy, all the mothers who await them should be well informed, are traps that carries a number of such pregnancies. First, it should be noted that about two percent of all births after 20 week of pregnancy, giving birth to twins ends, and in 12-20 percent of cases - twin pregnancy is diagnosed until the onset of labor. It is interesting that the probability of the birth of twins increases with maternal age (between 35 and 39 years), the effect of hormones given for therapeutic purposes, social status, maternal body height. 

What the what experts say in recent years is the fact that the probability of the birth of twins decreases with malnutrition of the mother. One of the most important factors responsible for the potential complications of prematurity is, ie. the fact that twin pregnancies end premature delivery (before 37 weeks of pregnancy).Therefore, it is logical that these babies generally immature, because the world come before their bodies sufficiently prepared to accept the conditions of the environment.

Body weight of twins is usually smaller than normal weight babies single pregnancy for the appropriate age.Twins grow at normal speed to thirty or 34 week of pregnancy, when their combined weight range of about four pounds. After that, the growth slowed, and are born with less weight than it was in this period that the baby weight is not a twin.
There is a phenomenon called the "feto-fetal transfusion." In this case, the blood vessels the twins are so linked that one of them used that way circulation and has a "better" blood test at birth, while the other remains anemic.
Anything else, in which twins are born the second a two to four times greater risk of breathing difficulties - due to immaturity of the lungs, and stress that occurs in those few minutes apart.
Regardless of all the risks that pregnancy brings, often with professional supervision of obstetricians and other staff in the maternity ward - the twins are born on schedule and without major complications. They differ in body weight, but that does not mean it will not be lighter twin at the end of the first year will be more advanced than the one that was heavier at birth.
Since the birth of twins, prematurity, in the first months of a developmental delay, that is the end of the first 12-18 months of life resolves spontaneously. In the first month of life, that is. neonatal period, it is important for the doctor to determine any changes that may be a warning that we need to be, other than a pediatrician in monitoring growth on (usually) the neurologist and physiatrist. These changes are often a result of her mother's problems (infectious pain, diabetes, urinary infections ...), or the fetus.
It often happens that in twins at birth should be applied oxygen, ie. oxygen therapy. Such therapy can in some cases lead to visual impairment and eye examination is needed for six to eight weeks of age.

It is necessary to help and support
Vaccination of premature babies should not be delayed. On the contrary, the children were more needed to be protected from certain diseases, because their defensive power of less than babies born at term.
A special feature of the development of premature babies is that they are hypotonic at birth, ie. more sluggish than babies born at term. At the time of the birth date, and the babies are first in hipertonus - and more upper extremities to the fourth month of the date of birth was even tone.
Twins for a new mom circumstance for which it no matter how it was prepared, it is never enough ready. In addition to natural obligations that are duplicated in these situations, it is necessary to develop a closeness to mother and to show affection to their babies. Everything we expected one baby from mom: bathing, dressing, feeding, care, tenderness, babbling, pampering ... in this situation it should be doubled. Of course it is such a mother needed help of her husband, because he can do everything on my own. Father's presence at the time as important as the mother, but also the opportunity to father prepare for situations when you might need a few hours to be alone with the baby.

As with other children
Appetites twins are the same as with all babies. Feeding, dressing and maintaining general hygiene are essential prerequisites for the baby feel comfortable and satisfied, not rejected and uncomfortable. Express their dissatisfaction crying, refusing meals, sleep disturbance, as the mother is a warning that needs to be told the pediatrician, who will review to determine why they behave like babies.
Due to low birth weight and immaturity, the twins must often be offered breast-feeding or meal adapted milk, unless you suck. It happens that bljuckaju after the meal, which is nothing unusual for a healthy baby.Frequently it comes to gluttony babies who naguta air, and when the bubble goes from the stomach, and he picks up food that is above it. Note the baby on their side, then change clothes and clean skin of unwanted content.

Identical and fraternal twins
Basic facts about the twins say they are twins of different sexes always fraternal and identical twins are always the same sex. The incidence of twins is conspicuous by constant and amounts to 3-5 per 1000 pregnancies, and the incidence of fraternal twins varies from 4-50 per 1000 pregnancies. Believes that giving birth to twins random phenomenon, and fraternal - and more ovulation and shows the familiar trend.

You have the privilege
Although it seems that babies never to rise, and you'll always be in a vicious circle of double diaper, bottle, onesie, and everything that follows the youngest twins - not so. The period of the first year of life and later walking age is really difficult. You need to watch twice, "hogback," warns worry. But that will pass, and then there is a great relief and pleasure. Yet you are raising two kids at the same time. If you decide you do not born, you still have waking at night, chests, crying, concern and confusion about the baby - who need a lot of attention, regardless of whether you can endure. Try to ease yourself, seek the help of loved ones. Have you always find themselves when they are free. You have something that is precious rarity, which should be well protected, and the twins should be like that. 

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