Friday, April 5, 2013

Talk with your baby

Each year, 250,000 children detected with some form of speech and language disorder that requires prompt treatment, experts say. Parents need to know that every time your baby's development leaves deep scars of future behavior.

Troubles with words, difficulty pronouncing consonants "s", "z", "s", "f", "c" and "o", obstinate silence ... All this plaguing today's boys and girls. Research Institute for Experimental Phonetics and Speech Pathology confirmed that about 63 percent of preschool children in Serbia is undeveloped speech, a huge percentage of them to the fourth year did not speak. This information relates to kids aged three to six and a half years because, he says Ljiljana Jovčić, secretary for child protection, children under three years are entitled to a little "confused" words and letters, or late in the correct pronunciation, reading "Politics" .

Each year, 250,000 children detected with some form of speech and language disorder that requires prompt treatment, because what you do to the seventh year is very important for its further development, assure experts.
"For every problem there is a solution verbal, because 98 percent of children passing through the institute fails to develop speech to normal limits and engage in regular school programs. Daily treatment to be from 250 to 300 youngsters. Biggest problem is weak speech until the third year, Among kids, there are those with autistic behavior model.'s not true that boys speak later, but when it comes to behavioral problems with autistic elements, then they still stand out. Treatments are paid, unless the child has a medical referral committee, "says "Policy" Mirjana Sovilj, director of the Institute.

The opinions of experts, however, are divided on the issue of prevention. Do parents have to wait for the start of the first trouble with saying a word, or the child must be taken at regular checkups?

Radica Tasic, special education teacher-speech therapist in kindergarten "secerko" believes that there is no clearly defined age of a child who should be included in the speech.
"It is advisable to take preventive child to the experts, especially children with cerebral palsy. If problems arise in a speech in the first year, you should not wait until the kids are older. Sometimes, based on medical records of parents could find out whether the child before he spoke, based on genetic predispositions, difficult to pronounce sounds, stutter ... ", said the" policy "Tasic Radica, which introduced a speech pathologist and triage cards for each child. He resembles health, and experts have a clear insight into the emergence and development of speech abnormality in the child, and to monitor the arrival of the nursery school. This mode has been recently applied in the capital's nursery because in all 16 pre-school speech therapists employed. Until recently, there were only five Belgrade in kindergarten, and now with the kids for 45 special education teachers and speech therapists.

For proper development of speech and attitude affects the older children to them from an early age not talk corectly so kids absorb inadequate excuse that it is sometimes difficult to eradicate. Babbling is a developmental phase that should be discontinued as soon as the child speaks, say experts.

Parents need to know that every time your baby's development leaves deep scars of future behavior.

While the world for more than 40 years of applied methods of prenatal care and education, the Institute for Experimental Phonetics she used since 1993. year.
"The verbal development of children of those parents who have gone through our program of prenatal parenting, extremely fast, according to a study. Such children in 35 percent of cases progress more rapidly than in speech unstimulated kids have better-developed motor skills, physical are larger and longer. At 82 percent of their better reasoning and intelligence is 52 percent better than the other and remains permanent, "Dr. Sovilj lists, emphasizing that prevention of human development based on communication of mother and child, from the moment when it becomes aware of the pregnancy.

A pregnant woman in the seventh month of the doctors should do prenatal visit baby and child at birth and otoacoustic emissions (AEO). If these checks to be all right, but in the 6th month child should take the preventive examination by a pediatrician and a speech therapist at a local health center.

If the baby still has not gone AEO, after the first month to take her to the pediatrician audiologic treatment. Both parents and children need to be involved in speech therapy. Mother-in-training to work at home, a therapist once a week for the baby in the ambulance. If the child has any of these examinations, said Dr. Mirjana Sovilj, verbal disturbances would be reduced by 50 percent.

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