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Colds in Babies

When it comes to nurturing a baby, many parents are at a loss on how to properly clean the infant or the act of a cold.

You should not use mercury thermometers, electronic safer

To quickly gain confidence in the performance of duties around the child, follow the expert advice pediatrician, doc. Dr. Sci. honey. Nevenka Raketić, Chief of Pediatric Services at the Health Center, "Sail", as well as recommendations from the Larousse book "Care of the newborn" issued "Laguna".

Administration of drugs
Medicines in syrup form can be given pipette, spoon or with tick marks from the bottle. Either way it is treated, the dosage should be respected. Certain drugs, even when given in much lower doses than adults, they can be toxic to the baby.

- Proper procedure: Place the child in a position polusedeći. Fill the pipette with tick marks from the bottle with syrup, carefully insert the pipette into the baby's mouth, preferably on the side - but not too deep - and gently press the pipette. The baby has a sucking reflex and often dismiss some of that content through saliva. After drug administration give the baby a little water or milk, to better swallow medicine.

- Medical advice: The same procedure can be applied with a syringe for injection. If your pediatrician to recommend a half teaspoons of medicine, you will give your baby syringe 2.5 ml of drug, and if you recommend a full teaspoon, it means that the baby will give 5 ml of the drug.

Putting eye drops
Conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and the whites of the eye, often in infants. The doctor will prescribe drops or ointment to the instructions to apply for the child.

- The proper procedure before we put drops or ointment, you should first clean the baby's eyes with a piece of folded gauze and saline, starting from the inner corner of the eye next to nose to the outside corner of the eye. Keep your baby's head with one hand and gently turn to the side, rather than the one in which you put the drops. Use your thumb and index finger apart upper and lower eyelids. Drug gets into the inner corner of the eye, making sure that the tip of the dropper or pipette without touching the eye.

- Doctor's advice: If you put antibiotic ointment, put a finger on the previously well-washed hands and quickly, from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, the level of the upper eyelid lashes, apply ointment on the baby's eye. It is useful to periodically flush with saline and gently massage the lacrimal gland, which is located in the corner of the eye unutrašenjem.

Temperature measurements
Temperature measurement will correspond completely electronic thermometer that can be purchased at any pharmacy. Do not use a thermometer with mercury, which, after all, been forbidden to sell.

- Proper procedure: Clean the thermometer cotton wool soaked in a disinfectant. Grab the baby's foot, lift her legs and gently pull them forward a bit. Then carefully insert the thermometer into the rectum. As soon as you hear the beep pull thermometer and check how to display the temperature. This method of measurement is called rectal, and in addition there is also a measurement of axillary temperature (under the arm), less the temperature measurement in the ear, the mouth and on the forehead. Normal axillary temperature is 37 degrees, while the measured rectally for half a degree higher and is 37.5 degrees. Fever, which requires the use of fever-reducing medications, so. antipyretics is measured 38.5 axillary, rectally 39 degrees.

- Doctor's advice: Elevated temperatures are lower so the baby is the first release excess clothing. Check the room temperature should not be higher than 24 to 25 degrees. Due to the risk of dehydration, give as much liquid in the form of water and tea, which should not be that hot, but at room temperature. It is very important to several times a day cool kid showering with warm water for a period of ten minutes. If the temperature is high, apply alternating antipyretics and paracetamol ("eferalgan") and ibuprofen ('Brufen') for 6 to 8 hours.

Care navel
If the umbilical stump fell off I did not even fifteen days after birth, it is best to talk to your doctor - and if you squeeze it, if turns red if the navel feels bad smell, or if it appears to be a pimple. Before you apply any treatment must consult a doctor. The procedure can take pediatrician is simple and painless for the baby and called lapizacija.

What should you do before giving drug

Always read the instructions before you give the baby medicine. Also check the expiry date and a way to keep the drug. The safest way is to give the baby medicine syringe because you will not go wrong dose - half a teaspoon is 2.5 ounces.

Before burying drops carefully go over the baby's eyes a surgical moistened with saline and starting from the inside of the eye to the nose. Only then you can put the drops. Pay attention to the life of the drops.

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