Friday, April 5, 2013

Be careful when buying toys

First Do not buy a "cheap bastard". It is often better to buy well-known brand in specialty stores. Be especially careful if you do buy toys on the market, or other temporary retail outlets.

Second Ask first and then buy it. Looking for information about the toys in the store. Looking for instructions for handling, preferably in writing. All warnings should be in Serbian.

3rd Soft dolls and animals must endure washing. Eyes, nose, buttons and other details need to be secure.

4th Do not buy toys made of fragile, easily breakable plastic. Children under three years are needed are toys that are especially durable. They need to withstand a child throws, beating and biting and not break.

5th Throw thin plastic packaging before they reach the child. Throw away broken toys also.

6th Also remove all plastic tags, plastic threads that hold slips with prices, and more. Tiny little things that can fall off and the child can be put in your mouth can be dangerous.

7th Be careful with the cases in Kinderjajima. They can be dangerous if they get stuck in the throat of the child.

8th On rattles, pacifiers-rings and other toys for children who are not sitting alone, may be no protruding parts that are glued or that can be downloaded and can clog the airways, if the child ends up in your mouth.

9th Take a toy in his hands. The material used is usually filled with crackling toy if a hazardous (eg plastic pellets), or feels grainy. Ask the seller what the toy is fully charged. There should be no bad stitched seams that can otparati. Try them yourself dragging a bit. The soft animal is often a weak point seam between the legs.

10th Balls and other round objects should at best be at least 5 inches in diameter.

11th Be suspicious of soft plastic that stinks. The reason may be that it contains harmful chemicals.

12th Chalk, crayons, pencils and the like should be earmarked for young children. Pencils for adults can be dangerous if children suck or lick or draw with them on their skin.

13th Ropes and cords on toys, children's crib and prams must not be longer than 22 inches. This applies to toys for children where loops, knots or anything else that can turn into a noose around the neck of the child.

14th When a child starts just sits up on his hands and knees in his crib, or on the occasion when he had six months, get a toy that is applied over the entire crib. What happened was that the children were hanging over these toys, and they threatened to suffocate.

15th Try to avoid toys heavy sound. Guns, cell phones and screeching animals can damage hearing child. Contact the Counseling Center for Consumer Affairs in your municipality if you have any questions about the safety of toys.

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