Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why avoid the c-section

Caesarean section surgery. Cesarean section can be risky for both mother and baby. In the event that a natural birth is a major risk to the life of the mother or baby, C-section is the only choice. Decisions about testing this type of delivery is often made to avoid the birth pains or due to insufficient information about the procedure.

What are the reasons that dictate the performance of cesarean section?

Eliminated umbilical cord (umbilical cord when the baby comes out before), abruptio placenta (when the placenta separates from the uterine wall before delivery), placenta previa (when the placenta partially or completely covers the cervix), abnormal fetal position (buttocks facing or sideways position) , cephalo disproportion (when the baby's head is too big to pass through the pelvis, this condition can also occur as a result of lying during pregnancy, which is why the fruit does not fall due and not enough fruit or mobility effects of anesthetics). Then affects the health of the mother (acute herpes lesions, very high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.). However, this situation is not necessarily the reason for performing a caesarean section.

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