Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What to take to the maternity hospital?

It is recommended to prepare the softest 5-6 cotton package inserts (Vir - Tosama or the like.). If you manage to pass without episiotomy, you may very soon after giving birth can not use "safer" cartridges, that normally use, so you want to buy a couple of packages of such cartridges. The hospital is required to wear a lot of pads, but maybe not all 5-6 packages occupying a lot of places, but prepare them at home that you can bring them to you if need be.

Disposable Nursing Pads
Nursing bra or a regular bra suitable for nursing
Nursing bra, it is difficult to buy in advance because you can not know the exact size of the breast, but note that with the enlarged breasts in a bra and find Nursing Pads! You will need at least two pieces because they are likely to quickly dirty.

Breast Pump
Breast Pump is not necessary. There's one of the myths about breastfeeding that is rampant in our country, and that is that the mother has still express milk after feedings to late to completely empty the breast. This is totally wrong, because doing so disrupts the natural circle "of demand and production." In addition, the pump is quite an investment no matter which is chosen (if you decide to purchase, visit multiple stores because prices vary widely). Perhaps it is better to borrow from anyone if you have, because you probably will not need much. Mom can express your milk by hand ii.

For hospital you should definitely cloak. When we were visiting, in some hospitals, organized in cold hallways. At the department "babinjańća" extremely hot and nothing but the gowns do not need (possibly socks).

Nightgowns / pajamas
It's good to be interested in whether you can do in the hospital in which you are going to wear their gowns (if I may, it usually can not be pajamas). In the hospital you all day in her nightgown and she pretty and dirty, as of blood, from the milk and then they need to be changed often. Although most horrible, hospital gowns are advantages to a society that does not need to bother to wash and quick returns clean nightgown, and hospitals have unusually large cleavage that is actually very convenient for nursing. However, when you return home, you will definitely need too many nightie / pajamas that are appropriate for nursing. Take the one in which you will really be able to comfortably access the chest.

Disposable Briefs
It's handy to have in the hospital and one-off shorts (they are made of elastic mesh and better stick pack), and can be purchased at pharmacies. For each case, to the hospital to take the ordinary panty, if you are not one-off match.

Suits or similar clothing
When you return home as a mom, life goes on and you can not be the whole day in bed in her nightgown, so you need some nice clothes that will not offend your more sensitive stomach, which can easily be washed (because babies bljuckaju, pee, and sometimes and pokake by you) and that will suit your size. Again, the problem size.

Things you will find in the lists, are questionable:

Bivacin Spray
It is used to treat episiotomy wounds. Doctors do not recommend it, but some women still praise him.

Belly brace
Bodice is slightly larger investment, and although some may think it is very useful, because it supposedly helps the uterus return to its place and prevents relaxation of the stomach, a medical opinion is the opposite!

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