Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is Baby Watcher?

The connection between mother and child begins before his birth, hence the moment of conception. As your baby grows, and strengthens a sense of connection. Deepen this relationship greatly helped Baby Watcher - a device for listening to the heart of the child on any occasion during the entire pregnancy.

Baby Watcher is one of the most modern ultrasound device ("Fetal Doppler") that you can hear the heartbeat of your unborn child without any adverse effects on the mother or child. Similar devices have long used in clinics for pregnant women - this is a classic "ultrasound" as it is often called. However, due to its complexity and high costs they have not been widely used. It is now, thankfully, changed.

The idea for the development of a Baby Watcher arose due to many years of gynecological practice of a physician.

The author's ideas prim.dr. Stefan Engelbrecht, a gynecologist, who, after thirteen years of work in and after numerous discussions with pregnant women, doctors and gynecologists, came up with the idea that something that was previously possible only in a doctor's office, to enable expectant mothers every day, wherever they want it.

Thus a small handy device that every pregnant woman be alone, but together with the family, to communicate with your baby during pregnancy already.
The main objective of Baby Watcher is improving the quality of the mother and child from early pregnancy, which already months before birth become a unique experience. Baby Watcher pregnant offers the possibility of contact with the baby, but the 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Intimacy with the whole family
Baby Watcher is an incredible experience, not only for you as the mother, but for the whole family. The father can also listen to their unborn child, and brothers and sisters are in the best possible way they can prepare for the new baby in the family. Regular listening heart, a strong bond with the baby, and that is a good prevention period of jealousy after she was born.

It was a special experience for grandparents and other family members and friends.

Safely through pregnancy
Baby Watcher is not just a means for the mother during pregnancy can enjoy a completely new way. Since the baby's heart beats regularly listen to, it is possible to detect possible complications before and so promptly contact a physician.

Stress, anxiety, smoking and alcohol consumption burden your baby and accelerate the work of her heart.On the other hand, peace, health and balanced emotions, positive effect on the baby and she to them "with" the peaceful heart beats with a frequency of 120 to 160 beats per minute.

Heart health is the most important parameter in both adults and babies in the developing world. The opportunity to see and hear your baby's heartbeat during pregnancy at any given moment so need a calming sense of security. A feeling that the baby is fine.

Assists gynecologists
It is noteworthy that the Baby Watcher with us (eg Petrova Hospital) and the world is more commonly used in pregnancy maintenance department as assists physicians. Quiet happy mother's mother, and is therefore easier pregnancy and has been shown to happier.

It should be noted that Baby Watcher is not a substitute for regular gynecological check-ups during pregnancy only to receive a supplementary.

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