Saturday, November 24, 2012

The placenta is a source of stem cells

Researcher and Children's Hospital in Oakland, Calif., rounded up women discard the placenta from women with birth by caesarean section and who agreed to cede them to learn not to use. First, the placenta from the vacuum pump drew blood, which in this tissue TROLLEYS has in large caves, and then extract Matic cells.Transplanted into the human body, these cells can be with the help of hormones are made to develop into any type of tissue. Nauč Respondents had been searching for new sources of personal home net cells, because they have the potential for LEC of many diseases, such as diabetes.

Matic cells from the placenta are particularly suitable for the LEC of the sickle cell or thalassemia, which affects the people around the rim of the Mediterranean Sea, since they are already programmed to produce new blood cells.
Senior Researcher Deč care hospital in Oakland, Frans Kuipers and his colleague Vladimir Serikov, said the research was the queen cells from term placenta an attempt to prove the potential of these cells in blood diseases LEC trial.
"Yes, they have in the placenta and that's good. But more importantly, we can not distinguish them from it in large TROLLEYS and weights of the active form. We have also shown that they can be transplanted and connect with other people's organism. As a result, We will have a source of cells for personal home net a much larger number of patients, "says Frans Kuipers.
Doctors in Research center which Deč care hospital in Oakland earlier by using the nuts term pupco cells taken from newborn babies ane ribbon LEC or their older brothers and sisters of some blood diseases. But researchers say that in the pupco anim tape does not have enough of these cells in LEC of leukemia and thalassemia. On the other hand, they say, it TROLLEYS most blood from the placenta contains five times more cells than personal home net units of blood from pupco ane ribbon. Although bone marrow transplant is an alternative to the LEC of these diseases, TB Often they can not find a suitable voluntary donations of tissues. Another big advantage is that the parent does not placental cells rarely cause a reaction of rejection than bone marrow transplant.
But Kuipers says Frens Matic placental cells have other advantages.
"These cells are absolutely not controversial as embryonic stem cells Matic, because no one will have any problem with using them. Importantly, to date, no one has hatched en using embryonic cells home net term, while we lie down for a while imo people home net cells obtained from term pupco ane ribbon. This opens up many more possibilities for patients in need of LEC, "said Kuipers Frens.
Despite these opportunities, widespread use of personal home netw cells taken from the placenta is probably a few years ahead of us. People whose hospital in Oakland now raising funds to be able to not started to clinical trials on humans.

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