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Prohibited and permitted items in Pregnancy

Permitted and forbidden things in pregnancy

Discover why it is advisable to paint and go for a massage until the fourth month of pregnancy, why you can not clean up his cat, and more.
May I ...

Go for manicures and pedicures? Bother you, but to protect yourself from possible infection, bring your instruments (five stone ...). If you have the pedicure, foot massage avoid because it can induce contractions and the baby's activity.

Painted hair? Although there are no data to show that hair dye increases the risk of miscarriage or birth defects, the brightest go to the hairdresser and dye your hair after the first trimester of pregnancy, when fetal organs are the main already been developed. Something is probably safer to do highlights, because there is no direct interaction with skin colors. If they decide on any of this, be ready to hair color will not turn out the way you imagined because of the influence of hormones.

Go to the sauna? Can not. Extreme heat can affect the development of babies in the womb.

Use the aromatherapy accessories? Best not. Some vegetable oils such as fennel, basil, thyme and myrrh would not dare use in pregnancy because, apparently, a physiological effect on the baby.

Have a massage, yes, if you go to a masseur who works prenatal massage. Some experts advise to avoid massage during the first trimester, so it would be advisable to first consult a gynecologist.

Jump to a facial cleanser? Typically must. However, avoid cleaning that use herbal supplements and peels containing glycolic acid.

Drink alcohol? Best to avoid it altogether.

Smoking? Smoking is harmful to your child because it increases the risk of premature delivery, miscarriage, placenta previa, reduced weight babies at birth ... Also avoid passive smoking.

Use the microwave? There is no research that proves that microwave ovens are harmful during pregnancy.

Eat fish? Certain types of fish contain high levels of mercury, which can cause difficulties in the development of the child in the womb. Limit the consumption of oily fish such as shark, swordfish and tuna.

Eat sushi? Best to avoid pregnancy in sushi.

Drink coffee? Should avoid large amounts of caffeine, although drinking two cups of coffee a day (each containing about 150 mg of caffeine) is not a danger. Four cups of coffee a day is too much caffeine during pregnancy.

Drink herbal teas? Many plants are not safe for use during pregnancy. Consult with your gynecologist.

To practice yoga? Yoga can be helpful during pregnancy as the body and calms the mind. Take a prenatal yoga to find out what is best for your situation.

Ride a bike? Stationary bike would be the ideal solution. The risk of falling when riding a bike outdoors is too big.

Funds used for household cleaning? Most cleaning products are not dangerous for pregnant women. But make sure that you clean the rooms well ventilated and have good ventilation. Wear gloves to protect your skin and always read what is written on the label on the product you use.

Whiten your child's room? Because chemicals and fumes leave this job to someone else.

Kittens feces cleaned?'s Not recommended. Dog feces can transmit toxoplasmosis, an infection that causes birth defects child. If you do not already clean, use a rubber glove and then wash your hands clean.

Travelling by plane? Flight plane is safe for you until the 35th weeks of pregnancy. But the most comfortable when you travel in the second trimester of pregnancy. Bring with you their findings about the pregnancy.

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