Saturday, November 24, 2012


Preterm labor, or premature labor occurs before 37-week trudnoće.Razlozi I can be the mother of a young mother or ploda.Suviše 13-14 years, or if born after 35-years, and this risk should be noted povećava.posebno possible illnesses mother Diabetes , kidney and heart disease, hormonal disorders, mothers constitution, stressful situations, and whether the mother is a smoker. Because of these factors are born small children.

By the fetus causes preterm delivery may be congenital anomalies, heart defects.
The course of childbirth: can not run normally or slowly due to weak contractions and weakness bebe.Majka may have different symptoms, vaginal secretions, mucous or bloody vaginal bleeding, spot or heavy, pain in the lower abdomen, convulsive type, the presence of regular contractions -in one hour more than four contractions, lower back pain and pressure of the baby.
Diagnosis should be noticed symptoms of preterm labor to prevent the delivery of the child unprepared for life outside the body of the mother majke.Znaci alert us frequent the observed contraction (muscle spasms of the matrix). Precise data: dates of the last menstrual period, Pregnancy, laboratory findings, previous disease-allergy should pick, then do the ultrasound, which provides relevant information about the fetus, amniotic fluid, the baby's health.
Treatment of premature birth: do the standard procedure for injecting the uterus could prevent muscle spasms-tokolitici: Gyniprol, Ritodrin.Tu include antibiotics if isolated microorganism that is closely related to prevremenošću delivery.
If the mother is ill with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, heart disease, giving dokolitika is prohibited.
A cerclage cervical lining, if there is potreba.Može do preventive timestra early in the second, if in previous pregnancies occurred early porodjaja.Serklaž is done under general anesthesia following intervention possible sukrvav discharge, the tension in the lower part of the trbuha.Skida me about 37-weeks gestation, or earlier if there is a contraction, bleeding or rupture of membranes. 

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