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Pain for Cesarean section

From the moment you find out about the pregnancy, one of the major concerns among pregnant women is how I'm going to give birth? Although the natural birth and caesarean section have their advantages and disadvantages, it seems that in recent years "Empress" increase.

- Women, for fear of pain, hope for cesarean section, thinking it is more comfortable and less painful, it does not have to be the case - says "Baby Planet" Dr. Mima Fazlagić, obstetrician gynecologist with many years of experience. - It is true that avoiding pain half an hour, during the surgery, but the pain during recovery is much longer than the eventual pain that women suffer while giving birth naturally. Women need to know that a C-section surgery, which carries with it complications (such as thromboembolism, bowel paralysis, etc..), Recovery is much longer, and subsequent births in a large number of cases must be completed by Caesarean section.

Also, according to our interviewee, after cesarean section on adhesions remain in the wound, and with each caesarean section increased the risk of injury to the intestine and bladder. Children born by Caesarean section have more problems with the lungs, later receive first and breastfeeding mothers tend to have a problem with breastfeeding. In natural childbirth, the moment when the family of women, moving the recovery process and it is already in a few hours (in the case that both mom and baby is) willing to take care of the baby. Faster and establishing closer contact with the baby, shorter stays in the hospital.

Of course, there are times when the end of cesarean section is necessary, and it should not be running.Moreover, according to our interlocutor, the doctor has to assess what is for Mom and baby better, and if it is operationally complete delivery, that this is not a check, but that C-sections are working now! A few of the required indication for caesarean section are: any discrepancy between birth size of babies and roads; kravarenje mother regarding the placenta (as diagnosed placenta previa), the suffering of the fetus.

- There is a broader indication for cesarean delivery, such as chronic illness mother - diabetes, blood pressure, and even mental state and fear of the mother. The doctor has to make an assessment in the best interest of the mother and the baby - says Dr. Fazlagić. - For example, a breech baby faces may be an indication for caesarean section in the world, and so most babies are born, but they are only two percent of the total number of births.

It is very important to women during pregnancy, well acquainted with all the options of childbirth, the doctor due to its freedom from fear and from all the facts decide which is the best type of birth. Most future mom can help mental and physical preparation for childbirth, because they will be free of fear, learn to breathe properly in order to minimize the maximum pain in childbirth, and I most importantly, how to properly cocked, to make things easier birth to a baby. In the world for decades, and here in recent years more and more women are opting for peridural (epidural) anesthesia to obezbolile delivery.

- The world is quite a common practice, and most women can use if you want the epidural, it is a matter of personal decision of mothers. Its purpose is to obezboli contraction - explains Dr. Fazlagić.
- But it would be good if they feel a little bit, and when it comes time to push the baby off anesthesia.Practically, except for some medical indications where a woman is not recommended epidural, the only negative is the overdose epidurala when they do not feel voltages. But it is a matter of skill and anesthesiologist has no adverse health effects, especially no place for hype we hear that "gives the epidural in the spine," and that can cause problems with the back and forth.

Imperial fashion
In the world to determine the real need for Caesarean section using the following formula: if the percentage of cesarean sections increased, and the number of morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) of mothers and babies is reduced, the increase is justified. In our case, for the last 25 years the number of Caesarean sections has a five percent increase to nearly 30 percent, and the rate of complications and mortality remained more or less the same. It speaks to the fact that in our country still prevailed - "imperial fashion."

Source: Baby Planet

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