Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Natural birth or C-section?

A large number of women in today's time, insists on cesarean even when not necessary. Before you make a decision you should be acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of this type of delivery.

Most new mothers who are thinking about childbirth in the first place, normally puts the safety of their babies. On that occasion, that their vaginal. natural childbirth seems insecure because they had a chance to hear different negative experiences of other mothers and those who opt for caesarean section. Some obstetricians will suggest a cesarean section because it is less traumatic for the baby. Below, we outline the risks and benefits of caesarean section. The choice is left to you.

Risks to the baby
Unlike smaller babies, bigger threat greater risk of complications. Every obstetrician is willing to perform cesarean section, if during childbirth turns out to be necessary. When cesarean section are more likely to report respiratory problems even if the operation is planned. The risk increases if this procedure works before 39th weeks of pregnancy. Medical strudnjaci and even some mothers believe that, if successful, a cesarean section may prevent breastfeeding. Also the setup of the first and most important contact between mother and baby after birth as follows odvojenos several hours due to the effects of general anesthesia.Anesthesia can cause some women to cause a delay in nadolazenju milk, and many of them can not breastfeed your baby because of intense pain that is inevitable after any surgical procedure, including this.

Benefits for the baby
The fact is that the unpleasant vaginal delivery and the baby during the delivery that there is a risk of head injury, more often in cases where the baby is heavier than four pounds. Then usually use forceps or vacuum methods, which can cause injury to the head, but in rare cases. Therefore you obstetricians will suggest cesarean if your baby before delivery thesis of four pounds, the pelvic side or your pregnancy Multiple-twin. If you do not nominate, and you know that one of these factors is present during your pregnancy, ask for an opinion, it's best to have your baby.

Risks for Mom
Unlike natural birth, cesarean section is a surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia, and should not ignore the possibility of postoperative recovery or complications. Fortunately, these risks are now reduced to a minimum, and yet not be iskljucuti possibility of bleeding, infection and damage to the abdominal organs (uterus, intestines, bladder). More often in women who gave birth by Caesarean section arises uterine bleeding or infection from those who have given birth vaginally. However, most complications occur when newt already burst, and delivery begins, and must be completed unplanned cesarean section. After C-section and I recovery takes much longer.

Benefits for Mom
Cesarean section reduces the possibility of damage to organs situated in the pelvic girdle-muscles that support the uterus, bladder and other abdominal organs. That's why many women prefer this mode of delivery. During vaginal delivery, the baby's head to pass through the birth canal can damage the nerves and muscles in the genital region of the body of the mother. This risk is increased if the use of forceps which can cause postpartum urinary incontinence. However, these problems are fortunately withdraw a large number of women soon after giving birth.

You choose
Do you want a C-section or vaginal ie. natural childbirth? This is what only you can decide. Both types of deliveries are now considered highly safe procedure. Concern about the Zen way of birth choice depends on the degree of pain and repair time after giving birth. In any case, remember that no two births. Very often, women who have experienced both ways of birth, thinking differently about the way in which to give birth.Some of those without thinking back under the knife, while others shudder at the thought of a wound that hurts for weeks.

How to prepare for a c-section
If you are already familiar with the fact that you will be born by this method, can be prepared in a specific course for pregnant women. Immediately before the procedure can require local anesthesia, the presence of her husband or partner during childbirth, additional information from the doctors and nurses and all contact with her newborn soon after surgery.

How to perform the operation
The first step is of course the introduction of anesthesia. Unlike general anesthesia, which you sleep, you could ask a local that allows you to stay awake during childbirth. It is important to prepare the way for the compensation of intravenous fluids required, and a catheter in the urinary bladder allows urine. Abdominal walls being disinfected and, if necessary, of pubic hair shaved to the operative field was clear. Incision through the skin and abdominal wall can be horizontal or vertical. Most women insist on a low, horizontal (bikini) incision. Sometimes has some emergency Caesarean section to make a vertical incision. The surgeon then through a thin layer of the bladder peritoneum approach that moves sideways. Incision in the uterus prior to the opening of the membranes, childbirth, or removing the placenta. After the child's birth approaches to suture the uterus, abdominal wall and skin.

How long is the recovery
After cesarean section hospital stay is 5 - 7 days. Should draw attention to the importance of getting up very early and mobility after surgery, to avoid risks such as thrombosis and pneumonia. You can feel strengthened by the creation of intestinal gas, pain surgical incision or a few contractions that seek to restore the uterus to its normal size. All of the skin is removed after 7 days of surgery. It is necessary to avoid lifting heavy objects and perform strenuous poslova.Nakon 6 weeks you can return to daily activities. Mood swings and mild depression are normal after giving birth.

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