Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How do I know that labor has begun?

There are certain signs that indicate that a large event started or will start soon! Here are a few signs.

Lowering the fetus:
Four to two weeks before giving birth to the baby descends into the pelvis. It is usually accompanied by frequent urination and pressure on the rectum and pelvis, but pregnant women feel relief when breathing because the baby is placed in the lower part of the pelvis and no more pressure diaphragm.

Eliminated bloody mucous plug:
It's not the real stopper, but a clot of thick mucus coming out of the cervical canal and vagina. Sometimes the clot with blood and his loss may be accompanied by mild contractions. This can happen at any time, from one week to a few hours before delivery.

False contractions:
Characterized by mild cramping or tightness in the lower abdomen. They last for a few seconds and if you do not have to repeat the same interval, can be strengthened during the night and exercise. Usually occur three to four weeks before delivery. The difference between birth and false contractions false does not increase or become more common.

Rupture of the membranes:
Aquarius sprayed some women spontaneously before delivery. When this happens, the water stream pouring down their legs. Spraying can begin as slowly run off, which is often not easy to distinguish from urinating. Amniotic fluid should be clean and clear liquid. When your waters break, go to the hospital or if you are not sure, contact your doctor.

Real contractions:
Real contractions cause pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen or back that pregnant women can not speak a word of it. The contractions are progressing in severity and duration, and the interval between the contractions diminish. No change in posture or walking will not lessen them. Women are generally strong compared with menstrual pain. Real contractions are becoming more frequent, and eventually appear in two to three minutes, each lasting about 60 seconds.

Mothers, do not worry, every pregnancy and birth is individual. And to know your body best and professional team of doctors who will help you make the world a healthy baby.

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