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Hair is required in order to fertilize because it contains an immature egg.
vaginal-look-at-folikule. When follicle rupture relieves the egg.

If there is fertilization of the egg cell is said to be developing pregnancy. During menstrulanog cycle develops more hair but usually only one ahead, and finally bursts, while others are phased out. If no dominant follicle breaks and continue to grow and remain that size creates a persistent follicle that.follicular cysts. In this case, treatment is not necessary, because after, the cysts usually shoot 2 to 4 months and is not a pathology that can cause problems during pregnancy. But in some cases the monitor then you need follicular cysts. The cause of persistent follicles are hormonal changes and hormone control needs to be done.
Folliculometry is a diagnostic method to monitor changes and follicle growth and ovulation or the lack of it.

When it comes foliculometre? Most often starts on 6 to 8 day cycles (depending on the length of the cycle) and follow the hair every other day. During this period, the expected growth of hair is 2-3mm and cracking occurs when the follicle reaches a size of 20 to 24mm. When a break occurs in the follicle say that ovulation has occurred.

How is foliculometre? Folliculometry is completely painless method where the follicles observed by ultrasound and primarily follow their size.
Foliculometre to determine whether or not there is ovulation, and therefore determines eventuana therapy to stimulate ovulation.

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