Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fear of childbirth

Fear of childbirth is perfectly normal for both primiparae and for women who have already given birth.Childbirth is unpredictable, often painful and is associated with the risk of embarrassing finish for the mother and child. Most of the women managed to overcome that fear and by a few have extreme fear or discomfort, which in rare cases can turn into a sick fear of childbirth or tokophobiu. For some women, fear of childbirth resulting requesting cesarean section without apparent medical needs.

When you're born first, literally entering into something completely unknown. No one feels completely safe when you should do something for the first time. If you are scared, they are usually two ways to deal with fear, fear can ignore or gain more knowledge about what scares you.

Is ignorance bliss?

When women decide to ignore my fear of childbirth they usually try to employ something that will distract them from thoughts childbirth. They go on birth already too tired from work to have himself did, not knowing what to expect, and are most likely to expect a shock. But there is another side of where they should consider - not thinking about pregnancy and childbirth means that the woman is not prepared to meet with your child. The whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth that women are most likely going to be very stressful and very unpleasant.

Knowledge is power!

If you find out what was going on during labor, you will easily find out what you're most afraid of. You can read books, browse the internet, learn medical terminology related to childbirth, so that you understand what the medical staff says and you will be able to ask relevant questions during childbirth. One of the best ways of getting to know during childbirth classes for pregnant women are held at hospitals and health centers. If you learn proper breathing techniques, does not mean you get rid of fear, but it will help you to relax because there is no doubt that fear leads to muscle cramps and spasms. It makes you more tired and more susceptible to pain. When you are confident in yourself when you give birth and you know what's waiting for you, the more likely that labor will remain a wonderful memory.

Positive facts of birth:

9 out of 10 women rode their children without any problems
Some women have a very quick and easy labor - many women do not need any painkillers and even enjoy the birth
medical staff that will be the end of you were able to give birth and you can rely on their knowledge
Today you can apply and get painkillers to help during childbirth
All the time keep in mind that the whole experience of childbirth - no matter how painful, uncomfortable, complicated and exhausting it - would be worth the hassle when you receive your child on your hands. Most women after childbirth says that he went better than expected.
Because the birth take well-informed, open-minded and with a touch of humor, and be prepared for the possibility that you might like it!

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