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Expect a winter baby

If you expect "winter baby" and you are not sure what all needs to get ready to greet you, this will give you a list of things to help, and comments may clarify some doubts from the previous list may not understand!The list was created from my own personal experience and consultation with my friends - we are moms with helpful hints and "lists" were of invaluable help in preparing for the happiest moment of life.

The baby's clothes

To denote the size of baby clothing refers to the length (height) babies. Most children are born with about 50 cm, but rarely buys No. 50 because it babies grow too fast, and it's easier to dress a little more clothing.Gynecologist will probably last review say how big the baby will be around when you are born, and possibly at the last minute and you can buy a smaller size, if need be.

Roughly, that should count baby wears size 56 the first month, while 62 carries the next 2 months. Of course, not all babies are born equally great, do not grow as fast or as numbers Robic same for all manufacturers.

After pregnancy, it is time to get grips with the washing and ironing clothes, apparel for babies (and all the other jobs that you expect), so it's good to have more clothes than is indicated here (if you have to borrow from anyone, it is the ideal solution because those little clothes anyway arrives amount). Here are the minimums, but it's always possible to put more clothes on a small baby or newly purchased just what you prefer. It is good to remember where you bought it and you can and someone else purchased the desired Robic.

All the clothes you buy, wash. It is advisable to wash the clothes twice and do not use fabric softener and ironed and agree that it's ready!

Baby shirts, baby shirts-body or body to cure: size 56 - 5 pieces, Size 62 - 10 pieces.
Winter babies need long sleeves, no matter what is decided, because it was necessary to dress in two layers of clothing when outdoors. But if you see that your baby is too hot, you can always put her odijelce sleeveless.

Baby shirts are nice because they are easy to wear (though, when the clouds baby shirts, baby and need to turn the stomach), but if you do not plan your baby weigh broadly, you will not have to fix Benkica thereby causing it to run up and the child will be naked in the field kidney.

Body-baby shirts are very nice to wear it when dressing up your baby rests solely on her back and on the bottom keep the diaper. Unlike baby shirts need to be tied in two places (meaning board four strips). Some body-baby shirts are pretty open neckline, but in combination with the upper layer of clothing, it can be covered.

Bodice board are the easiest, but the most difficult to wear. After the dress over her head, left arm still pushing the long sleeves. We should make sure that your baby starts to sit for just about six months and then just wear arm sleeves to get easier - then summer comes, and with it the short sleeves!

My personal choice is a combination of body-Benkica and baby shirts, but I met mothers who have come upon is the bodice.

Odijelca (crawlers, Gegić) - one-piece with feet and Druker: sizes 56 - 2 or 3 pieces, Size 62 - 6 pieces.
When buying suits, in addition to aesthetics, pay attention to the dress code. There are various ways of engaging odijelaca. It should be borne in mind that the baby is not dressed only once a day, but every day that need to be replaced at least 5-6, and often more diapers and is therefore a much needed time to get to diapers or pull off odijelce or partly suits. (A baby writhes in all times of day and night and often crying at the same time.) Also, make sure that babies lie so much time and according to the latest recommendations almost exclusively on his back, and then all the traitor who are on the back. To me personally the most handsome odijelca showed that the buckle on the chest and along both legs. When putting on such odijelaca it is not needed to turn the baby on its stomach.

Socks: at least 2 pieces of size at least (00)
Although all odijelca should have pads (socks sewn), hard to keep babies warm and they need shoes and socks. While you act too small, and most likely will be only too born baby.

Cotton cap: size: 56 - 1-2 pieces
Cotton cap must be dressed after a bath, sometimes at night (when it's cooler or during the first night at home) and under woolen caps when going out.

Or thicker woolen cap: size 56 - 1 piece
For the first going out, going out from hospital.

The Diving Bell
Diving Bell is a very practical piece of clothing for going out first home, especially if it is large enough so it is easy to put on, and if you buy a large enough number, it may take until the end of winter. I luckily got the loan of the number 74 and my baby and carried it back cold spring days. It is true that at the beginning of the baby is so small that it does not reach the hands of the sleeves or pants legs, but it is so incredibly easy to put on in such a suit than in uguravati tailored suit. It should also be borne in mind that babies grow quickly, and not just a cheap suit. And even appropriate number of helmeted usually has too long sleeves and pants, just because a baby to be better protected from the cold. For very cold winter days are ideal to me and showed sweatshirt with a hood, which was much more convenient and protect your baby over a variety of caps, of course, under the helmeted and in combination with a cap of helmeted which itself does not adhere as well to the head. I usually recommend clothes with hood and later. The hood and replaced the cap and all rugs in the chair, protected from the wind and a very important detail - protects baby's shoulder from the seat belt in a stroller or car seat!

You might find someone recommend an antique cushion once used to exit from the hospital, but the baby in the bag you can put in a car seat that is necessary (of course, she adapted to the age), but the first run.Antique cushion awkward to have more babies already moving arms and get them out of the bag, and is too expensive, considering that his usefulness is minimal. (The babies in the maternity ward of a practical hard pillows, but the pillow that you can buy in the store is something else entirely).

Babies is not recommended to cut nails at least the first month, for possible violations of skin below the nail.Usually babies nails themselves properly shoot and fall, but some children are still plenty of scratches still in the hospital. These gloves protect them from such scratches. These gloves are made of thin cotton (ie, not protection from the cold) and look like small bags. It is not necessary to buy them early, but if you see the baby scratching his face.

Sweden diapers, minimum 5 pieces
These diapers are primarily used for swaddling, which is widely recommended mostly just in our areas as a precaution, although many pediatricians completely differ in opinion about its effectiveness. Widely sagging almost out of use in the western part of Europe, unless there is a medical indication, although problems resolved today, hips and other medical methods. In any case, studies have shown that it can not hurt. The only caveat, you must wash them tie the string in a knot because otherwise the tie in the washing machine with other laundry in an inextricable knot!

Diapers, bedding, cloth

Tetra diapers: 20 pieces (maybe more, depending on the choice of other krpenih wiper mats and baby)
Tetra diapers are used widely for the changing table, placed under the baby's head when sleeping, with tetra diapers baby when you delete bljucne, you can put them in the stroller as a blanket, the previjalište, wipe the baby with diaper after bathing tetra (better absorbed by the towel and washcloth More then used for wrapping and warming), you can bathe your baby with a tetra diapers (baby is less cold, and some babies do not like being naked), baby wipe after washing with bandaging ...

Lack of tetra diapers that are large and very difficult to iron.

Tosama 40x40 cm, lined, slightly thicker than gauze, border in pink, blue and yellow - are packed per 6 pieces of gauze or thin (eg purchase. 10-12 m gauze, cut into small pieces 50x50 cm, 25x25 cm and 35x35 obrubiti a sewing machine and / or double stitch).

These cloth or gauze are nice because they are much smaller and lighter than the diaper irons. Small babies often bljuckaju and should be deleted, and then often change a cloth with which to do it.

Towel + trljačica: 2 pieces
Deletion method babies and use trljačice or not, depends on which way to swim and deletions will show you your health visitor and the fact that you would rather prefer. In short, there are two ways of bathing the baby. One in which the baby is the first "dry" nasapuna trljačicom, and only then rinsed in warm water foot bath. Another way is to immediately put the baby in a tub full of hot water which is then soap (then trljačica is not needed) and washed in the same water and baby soap, because it is not necessary to rinse the area.Likewise, the baby can towel, it can be just wrap a towel that is put before a tetra diapers, diaper and other tetra is then deleted. All the same as deleting a baby, a towel should be as large (80x80 cm is large enough) to wet the baby can wrap it well and here to keep in mind that babies grow quickly! It is desirable that the towel has a hood for baby's head.

Details can be found swimming baby on Rodinoj page.

Sheet for changing table (can be used diapers)
On previjalištu is necessary to have a textile backing, because the plastic is cold. Diapers are still tricky for ironing. My favorites were the thin terrycloth towels. While the babies were all small, and I ironed the covers, but soon I stopped iron, a towel and look good without ironing. Terry White showed me the best because I had iskuhava so guilty when I stopped iron.

Sheet for cot: 2 pieces
For hygiene reasons, most commonly used ordinary cotton sheets on the eraser to be ironed.

Cotton blanket: 1-2 pieces / Linen for cot
Cotton blankets are hard to find and are not as "mucaste" as a synthetic, but healthier. There are also more expensive hypoallergenic blanket, but I still decided to cotton. It's handy to have a few pieces - for colder nights, carts, etc.. Or combine with linen for cot (baby does not need a pillow under your head!). It is wise to buy a bigger and thinner blanket and use it at the beginning of "the double", not more small blanket - because babies grow and them.

Playpen for baby crib
Although it is not recommended due to SIDS, it protects against drafts and later from bumps his head on the rail bed. It is often sold in combination with bedding.

Sheet for wheelchairs
Sheet for carts also not necessary for winter baby at first because it will be in space suits and do not need to put anything under the baby, or if it is very cold, well below the baby put a blanket in the stroller, or even wrapped in a blanket. It is often cumbersome to use any baby blanket under the seat belt in a wheelchair, except under the head. In any case, check any seat belts in a wheelchair you have, before you start thinking about dum wheelchair.

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