Saturday, November 24, 2012

Antibiotics in pregnancy

In 2009, researchers at the National year Birth Defects Prevention Study He published a report which suggests that the two types most commonly used administer antibiotics for treatment of urinary tract infections and nitofurani-sulfonamides may increase the risk of infant defects if taken during the first trimester of new pregnancy. By the  Committee Opinion, which appeared 23.05.2011 by the American College of obstetricians And gynecologists (ACOG) suggests that these two antibiotics suitable for treatment and to think about their use when we are in a situation where we do not have a suitable alternative.

Agents that can cause mental and or physical defects in a fetus when a woman is exposed during pregnancy, they must be marked "teratogen". Alcohol, drugs transcribed many (including several antibiotics such as tetracycline), cocaine, heavy metals (lead, mercury), radiation and some bacterial and viral infections are known teratogeni. Fetus are the most vulnerable to teratogenic in the first trimester of pregnancy when they form their organs and nervous system.

Antibiotics are often prescribed during pregnancy for a variety of bacterial infections and give us important information on the relationship now exposure to antibiotics and newborn defects said William H Barth, president of the College * s Committee on Obstetric Practice. Coment study in 2009, Dr. Barth has written a study- including a limited number of significant tendency of patients to interrupt therapy.  There was one observational study, so we do not know when the defect was caused by the antibiotics or just infection, or other factors.

Despite the limitations of this study, and as in other studies not found defects in newborns occurrence risks associated with taking nitrofurans and sulfonamides during pregnancy ACOG declared that the two antibiotics can be used in pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy when you have no alternative antibiotic. After first trimester pregnancy when the potential risk of defects in babies if the use of these two antibiotics reduced they can be used as first line agents for the prevention of urinary tract infections and other infections.

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