Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An emergency cesarean section

What is an emergency C-section, how long is the recovery of c-section, and whether it will be carried out in subsequent pregnancies?

What's an emergency C-section?
This operation is performed in cases where, literally a few minutes deciding on the life of the baby or mother. The most common indication for emergency caesarean section are abruptio placenta (premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall), placenta previa (partially or completely covering the cervix placenta) or umbilical cord prolapse. In such situations, cesarean section is performed under general anesthesia and a vertical incision is made in the abdomen (to save precious time).

How long is the recovery after a caesarean?
It is an individual thing and the far largely depends on the age of childbearing, body constitution and general health of the mother. However, there are some general rules and stages of recovery after cesarean section. The expected symptoms include gas and associated pain, pain in the wound, the contractions of the uterus (the uterus return to its original state). Also, potentially extreme tiredness (fatigue) due to the effects of drugs or the delivery. Surgical sutures are removed usually after four to seven days after delivery.Precisely because of that, SEC, vigilance is required and a minimum of movement, no sudden movements, but getting out of bed as soon as possible is of great importance for the recovery. The general rule is: Do not lift anything heavier than your baby! After returning from maternity take every opportunity to rest in bed and nap during the day and find domestic help jobs. As for the return of recreational activities, it is best to put them aside until full recovery or only do light exercises but only after consultation with your gynecologist. After six weeks of cesarean section, the recovery process is completed for most, although some women continue to feel pain and suffer from insomnia. However, after the expiry of this period, most of them returned to normal activities carried out before the birth.

Is it the first sign of giving birth by Caesarean section to be performed and on all subsequent pregnancies?
Actually, no. Recent studies reveal that as many as 80% of pregnant women who have already given birth by Caesarean section following a vaginal delivery ended (natural) way. The most important thing is the proper management of pregnancy by gynecologists. One of the biggest fears of women who have undergone cesarean section, is one of scar rupture. However, this risk is very small, mainly due to the fact that today make minimal cuts (lower abdomen).

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