Monday, July 30, 2012

Your baby needs

Responding to the needs of the baby's life you deepen your optimism with which it comes into the world.Through you and your baby is experiencing the behavior of the environment that surrounds it.


"Do not carry your baby a lot, razmazićete it!"

"Leave her to cry, is fed, clad, what else should she?"

"You see that crying-is trying to command you, leave it, it will be nothing!"

These and similar "advice" have you already heard countless times. Excessive pampering and grinding razmaziće your baby - the logic of this zanivaju "good faith" suggestions. And is it really so?

Instead you'll baby the ultimate cruel way to play alone in a crib crying and calm down to sleep, take her in my arms, talk to her and pat. The problem of spoiled do not think, because they say psychiatrists, love your child you can not spoil.

Satisfying his need for contact and closeness, not from it to create a "monster" that you will one day be manipulated. A spoiled child is one that has received too much but, as experience shows, too little love.

Crying is the way your baby is trying to tell you something. Sometimes it comes to hunger, drowsiness, or sometimes, however, diapers, which she resents. But crying can be a call to the tenderness and love. Does such a thing to be rejected?

Many "experienced" parents believe that babies cry to manipulate, to try to draw attention to themselves, and that behind it there is no real need. Psychologists argue quite differently: babies do not know how to act, let alone come up with various "subject" fraud. Crying is your baby's budget, but its expression is very different needs. Even a baby of three months may have a social instinct, the desire for another person, to society. And not to mention the feeling of security that is when he is in mom's arms. Responding to the needs of the baby's life you deepen your optimism with which it comes into the world. Through you and your baby is experiencing the behavior of the environment that surrounds it. If it is settled and satisfied in every way, it will be a happy and cheerful. Embrace you and carry it will not spoil, but also give valuable proof of love that will forever remain a mainstay in his life

So do not hesitate to carry your baby whenever she wants. Provide love her as much as possible. Touch is not spoiled, but life is encouraged.


You may be just the parents of a baby refuses all the unknown - new things, people, food. Some disturbing changes of any kind, even as common as it is out of the house to the car. If this situation reminds you of your baby, try to make a living Unravel the little surprises. Feeding, bathing and rest should always be at the same time and same place, with the smallest possible deviation from routine. The introduction of new people and toys (and food, when your baby is ready for it) has to be gradual. For example, put a new mobile above the crib toy just for a minute or two. Remove it and come back soon, this time leave it a minute longer. Continue to extend the exposure time until you see the toys that the baby is ready to accept it and enjoy it. And other new toys and objects to deploy the same way. Unidentified people, they met a baby who, at first just let the baby stay in the same room, then let her pay from a distance, then let communicate with your baby close, before attempting to establish physical contact. Later, when you introduce solid foods, add a new very slowly, start with a small amount and increase the portion over a week or two. Do not give a new type of food before the baby gets used to one brand. Try to avoid unnecessary changes when you are buying - a new bottle is, if possible, the same pattern and same color as above, and a new toy trolley, new cover for the bed. If any thing worn or broken, try to replace an identical or similar.


One who never wore malecnu baby experience this at first may seem very nervous. But it also can make a baby, and nervous. After months of gentle and safe movement in close cocoon of the womb, to be drawn, carried in the air and lowered quickly, may represent a considerable shock. Especially if support for the head and neck is not secure enough, this can lead to a frightening sense of falling in the baby, and accordingly, the reaction of recoil. Hence the techniques of good wearing babies are not meant only that the baby is safe, but also to feel safe.

* Before you do and touch your baby, announce their presence to her voice or eye contact.

* Allow the baby to adjust to the change of support, with mattresses on the arms, planted by hand under it (one under the head and neck, the other under the buttocks) and kept there for a few moments before it was actually run them.

* Underline the hand under the baby's head and down the neck, so that the hand serves as their mainstay, and the butt is in your hand.

With your other hand hold the legs, and lift the baby gently to himself, is at the same mazeći. If you lean forward to get closer to her, will reduce the distance that the baby should go in the air - and the discomfort that comes from there.

* When the baby is bigger, can you both be more comfortable if you hold one hand under the legs and buttocks, while others adhere to the back, neck and head (include baby's fist with his hand, a joint below the head).

* Some babies prefer to be, all the time or occasionally, carry on the shoulder. Is easy to raise a baby on the way with one hand on the buttocks and the other below the head and neck. While your baby starts to hold the head itself, will need to provide support. This can be učitniti the one hand, if ušuškate baby's bottom in a bend of the elbow and draw a hand down the back, with a handful of follow head and neck.

* Even a fairly small babies have a great deal face outward, so that they can follow what is happening in the world, and many older babies to favorite sites. Turn your baby to the outside, one hand over her breasts and cleave it with you and your other hand to observe the butt.

* Wearing the hook gives you the freedom to use one hand to work while wearing your baby more. (Avoid this way of wearing if you have problems with my spine and lower back). Hold tight, baby with your body with one hand so that her buttocks on your hip.

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