Monday, July 30, 2012

What if your baby suddenly stop breast feeding?

When breastfeeding is going well for several months and then once the baby stops sucking can be said to have issued "strike" of breastfeeding. This "strike" does not necessarily mean a complete cessation of breast-feeding, some babies will suck at times, some will be more play in the breast but some will refuse milk and poptunosti. This refusal may mean that your baby is trying to put the knowledge that something is wrong, but usually does not mean that it is ready to quit breastfeeding.

Some of the main reasons "to strike" as:

Pain in the mouth or teeth due to the emergence of fungal infections such as inflammation of the mouth
Ear infection that causes pain when the baby sucks
Pain in certain positions for breastfeeding, either because of injury to the baby's body, or the sensitivity of the immunization
Annoyance due to the long separation from the mother or big change routines
Distraction while sucking - is interested / it all around
A cold or stuffy nose that hinder breathing during breastfeeding
Reduced amount of artificial milk or excessive use of pacifiers
The answer to his mother's violent reaction if she was bitten by a baby
Agitation for a fight or heard a rough voice while breastfeeding
The reaction to stress, excitement

If your baby wants to breastfeed, it is normal to feel frustrated and upset, especially if the baby is not happy. It is important not to feel guilty or think that you did something wrong. Remember that feeling in the chest due to irregular feeding can be extremely unpleasant, as the milk rise.

What can you do?

Try izmuzavate milk at a time when you would normally breastfeed to avoid congestion and swelling breast milk channels.
Try some other way of feeding milk: spoon, cup or pipette for babies.
Write down when your baby's diaper was wet and dirty when you find out if getting enough milk.
Do you offer your baby continues to breastfeed. If your baby is fussy, stop and try again later. You can try, and when sleeping or when very tired.
Try different positions for breastfeeding and find appropriate.
Devote all the attention the baby, caress it and aim for gentle words.
Try to breastfeed while rocking in a quiet room where nothing that draws attention to her.
Ask for help!

If your baby will need help to suckle. A doctor can measure it to see if it gets enough weight.

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