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Tips for Breastfeeding

Sometimes the simplest tips and they can make a change in the whole process of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding seems easy at first glance, but many new mothers are surprised embarrassed when they realize that it is not as simple as it seems. A number of tips you'll learn from the literature, Journal of public health nurses, physicians, friends or family members.

But you rarely find in one place everything about breastfeeding, especially in the early days of motherhood, when milk production actually begins and when it comes to the first difficulty breastfeeding. Therefore, any good advice is worth gold, so we hope you'll find right here one or more tips. Be keen on breastfeeding because breast milk is still the healthiest.

Breastfeeding and the little tricks

Sometimes the simplest tips and they can make a change in the whole process of breastfeeding. If you feel uncomfortable availability prior to breast feeding, gently squeeze out the milk by hand, so that your fingers gently pressing on the breast above and below the areola, as this will reduce the pressure in the breasts and nipples to help your baby catching. Besides the smell of milk that your child is very well known, will be encouraged to suck.

Warm moist compresses will help to release the breast milk, if you are so full that it would not go out. Let stand a few minutes wraps. Or take a swim in warmer water gently massaging the breast. Pump to express breast milk can make a big difference as to reduce the tension of the chest. In addition, if you fear that you might not have enough milk, expressing further during lactation will encourage milk production.

In 24 hours you should breastfeed eight to 12 times, whether it was the day or night, because you will thus prevent the accumulation of too much milk in your breasts and prevent possible infection. No matter how hard you feed your child every time they show interest in it.

How to start breastfeeding?

When breastfeeding, do not utopljavati child too, because if the child will be too hot, will cease to suck before you took enough milk. The child's body during feeding must touch yours, so that his one hand to hold the butt, and that his head from the inside of your elbow. Put your other hand under the breast, the child's lower lip stimulus with the wart, because the child will immediately open your mouth. Get close to him to himself as a child included the whole or at least most of the areola mouth.

If you need to separate the child from the breast, simply pull the nipple from the mouth can be extremely painful. Instead, gently place your little finger between the baby's mouth corners and skin warts, so that the child ceases to suck.
The babies have a natural sucking reflex, and if they suddenly stop sucking in more firmly hold the nipple.

Garlic and Breastfeeding

Researchers have shown that babies love milk "spicy" garlic. Apparently, mothers who eat plenty of garlic while breastfeeding have tastier milk. American research has shown that babies who have gone down the milk of mothers who ate garlic, sisal and more drank more milk. In addition, garlic is good for your health.To encourage milk soft drink one glass of beer a day, because that is the yeast in beer increases the levels of the hormone prolactin, which stimulates milk production.

Pain and swelling

Sore nipples can actually assign a lot of trouble breastfeeding, to the extent that even many mothers stop breastfeeding completely and decide on the bottle. Finally, most women perseverance pays off. If you really one nipple pain, offer the child the other breast. If you prefer, izdajajte to pump the other breast until the nipple does not recover at least a little.

Between the feeding place cold compresses to reduce swelling and pain. If your nipples are cracked and sensitive, leave them alone to air dry after feeding. Besides their own milk, you can speed up their recovery.When your nipples dry, squeeze a few drops of milk and grease nipples. Also, the rapid healing of warts you can use vitamin E, so as to drain the liquid from the capsules of the nipples. You warts treated with olive oil, sweet almond oil or lanolin cream.

Blockage of the gland

Blocked milk channels can cause a lot of trouble, and as soon as you notice the slightest bumps immediately react. Lie in the warm water, or pour a shower, put soap on the affected area (avoid the nipples sapunati drying) and a wide tooth comb gently hovering over the area, massaging. This will encourage the flow of milk ducts and purification.

Empty the breast as thoroughly as possible. If you have too much milk is required izdajajte. Also, do not miss massaging lumps during breast-feeding and breastfeeding. It is very important to wear bras that fit you well. Too small bra can cause blockage of milk.

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