Monday, July 30, 2012

Smoking during pregnancy causes psychosis in children

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy, exposing children at greater risk of psychotic symptoms in teens, warn UK experts. At this point the result of research conducted at four British universities in 6356 in which twelve checked the possible existence of psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusion, they said.

About 19 percent of mothers of children tested smoked during pregnancy, and in just over 11 percent of these children (734) have been established or definite psychotic symptoms or symptoms that is to believe that the psychosis.
Zamit Stanley, a psychiatrist at the University of Medicine and Head Kardifskog of the study, said it's found that the more the mother smoked during pregnancy, it was more likely to be near their children in puberty develop psychotic symptoms. Zamit estimated that about 20 percent of children tested, in which psychotic symptoms are identified, they would not have suffered them to have mothers who smoked while wearing them.

It is not established that maternal smoking causes an increased susceptibility psychotic symptoms in children, but British experts say is likely to mention vice adversely affects the child's impulsivity, as well as attention and cognitive abilities.
Many previous studies indicated that the harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy for the fetus. It increases the risk that a newborn is of sufficient gravity, to a congenital heart defect or be the victim of sudden child death.
It is estimated that in spite of such warnings 15 to 20 percent of British pregnant women still smoking.

It was found that alcohol consumption may increase risk of psychotic symptoms in children, but only if the mother during early pregnancy, drinks more than 21 alcoholic drinks per week.
Several mothers of children tested and reported that they smoked marijuana during pregnancy, but has not established the connection between that and possible psychotic symptoms in children.

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