Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pillows for Babies

Under the pillow for the baby almost always refers to the traditional long cotton firmly stuffed and stitched cushion whose front cover bound in which we carry newborn babies. This we know from the hospital bag even if it were not used. The infant was in it more convenient to lift, hold and carry, and does not need additional cover. Most babies in this pillow will spend only the first few weeks.

It was a time when the movements are still very limited and security is very important. Whether the baby pillow lay slightly to the side or back it runs head, hands and feet, and at the same time will not hand movements on the face or pull the blanket to reveal. Baby in the bag can recline without fearing a larger cushion to lay welcome in an elevated position.

This 'traditional' bag for babies not yet pushed other modern chairs that mostly they come up when the baby is gaining weight and filled a month or two. In very small baby crib does not need any other bags, neither small nor large, nor toys or blankets and the like. Because they are all too soft and make the risk of suffocation.

Also, are not desirable or modern "molds" a sleeping baby that you should keep in a certain position of sleep - the baby gets into position facing the side surface movements are limited and it is also often surface too soft!

When a child should be given a pillow?

Children under the age of 2.5 yr pillow is not recommended - they are restless sleep, wake up and change position, and certainly one of the nights spent lying prone or coiled. Pillow They do not really need. When a child starts most of the night to sleep peacefully, lying on his side and when it becomes a situation in which most easily fall asleep to have a cushion that will suit his height and that should not be too soft.

To select a small child and a low pillow, preferably anatomically designed to be a really nice head nestling on the pillow. Which you choose the right bag depends on what kind of mattress at the child sleep. Surface must be comfortable pillow soft cushion but not overnight "disappear" under the head, which is often the case with feather pillows.

Natural materials pillows and pillow cases are always a better choice than synthetic materials. Good luck and good pillow selected child becomes popular, it gets used and does not want to sleep without it, which is always a good sign. Between 7 and 10 years. child will need a higher pillow, depending on the constitution and the speed of growth. Even then pad should be large, the optimal size of 35 or 40 cm x 70 cm.

Teach your children where they sleep on the pillow is not for the game and not to carry off the bed. Let them play for another handy little pillows. If any bag on the floor or otherwise change the pillowcase.

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