Monday, July 30, 2012

Myths about pregnancy

It is not strange that the period of pregnancy, different stories circulating. It is however specific condition and naturally we all want to advise you. However, you would not, perhaps the most beautiful in the life of nine months spent in complete panic, here's a list of myths about the blessed state that you can safely ignore:

First What worse nausea - are more likely to carry a baby girl. Do not believe this is simply not true.Between the degree of nausea and sex of your baby, there is no "secret relationship".

Second If you raise your arms above your shoulders, baby umbilical cord will wrap around the neck. This is not true. While waiting for the baby may not feel free to hang his coat on a hanger. We assure you that your baby will have problems because of it.

Third Avoid sleeping on your back, or, in the second, even stricter form: Always sleep on the left. While you are pregnant you can sleep in any position as long as you comfort your baby will not complain.

4th Do not touch the cat when you wait for the baby. And this is a widespread myth, but without force. You are free to caress your allowed to like, just make sure to clean feline toilet by someone else.

5th Do not swim in the bathtub while you wait for the baby. Just when you give a reasonable explanation for it ... Bathe in the bathtub if you are so disposed, or take a shower, or what you are doing at that time feels.You are not sick, just waiting for baby!

6th Avoid spicy foods, it can cause premature labor. Very interesting. If you are wondering what has the food you eat with the delivery, we'll let you know - whatsoever.

So, when you think about it, each of these theses sounds completely ridiculous. Well, why would they then understood seriously, that you have a baby does not mean you lose your mind.

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