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In order to facilitate the growth of the first baby teeth

Eruption of first teeth is one of the most memorable milestones in the first year of your baby. Usually the first teeth to appear between the fourth and eighth month, but this, as well as many other things, the most affected by genetics. If you or your partner sooner or later get a tooth is very likely that they will be at the same time and get your baby.

The pain caused by the eruption of teeth varies from one baby to another, while others are anxious and irritable because of the uncomfortable swelling of the gums and sensitivity, for others it has no effect and only the parents suddenly noticed something white in his mouth. We gathered in one place a list of the most common symptoms of tooth emergence and proven ways to help your baby if symptoms become uncomfortable.

Symptoms of growing teeth

Simpotmi most common are:

Symptoms of colds
Mild fever

Poor Sleep
A rash on the chin
Rubbing cheek and ear pulling

10 ways to relieve pain

Amber Necklace

Amber necklace for wearing not for chewing! Amber (resin, not stone) is a known natural anti-inflammatory analgesic, infections and respiratory diseases. When you put on your skin, amber beads of oil discharged (sucinitska acid) that the skin absorbs and passes into the bloodstream. Research has shown that the acid reduces ćilibrska drivelling, reduces redness, inflammation of the gums and has a calming, analgesic, anti temperature effect. Most recommended Balitčkog amber necklaces.

Cold washcloth

Moisten a clean glove in cold water and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Very cool, slightly crispy glove is a great relief, and a bit of fun, for kids who sprout teeth. Be sure to wash it before use, although the new.Glove is a better alternative to plastic or rubber rings that may be breaking and spilling the liquid inside.

Clean fingers

Children prefer to bite their fingers clean of his parents, because it creates enough pressure against the swollen gums, which they very comfortable. But be careful, even if your baby has no teeth, her gums can damage the delicate skin! Do not let your baby get too carried away in biting, because they can make sores on your hands.


Gel provides little relief to the soft gums of babies who are older than two months. He is an excellent solution for babies who are really struggling with zubićima because it has active ingredients that lethargic in the part where the gel is applied.

Melba toast

Toast is good for babies who are old enough to eat solid food. It is dry and crisp, and creates much needed pressure on the swollen gums.

Cold foods

Cold food is delicious and provides relief to children when their teeth to grow. If your child not to chew dovljno old home frozen cubes of fruit, good fruit cool and you feed him. This will avoid possible zagrcavanje child.

Tiketica and rumored

This is something new and interesting that we find in the web shop Kikebu ( two types of secure 100% cotton quilt. They serve for more than a nibble, and help the baby in the first reflexes to capture and squeezing. Rumor is colorful and makes rustling sound when the baby is in the grip of the hands and biting while zubićima tiketici stand out from all the labels of different sizes. You will see that the baby will somehow still love them just to pull and bite when her teeth to sprout.

Massage sore gums

With a clean finger or back of spoon chilled rub sore gums when you do not create enough pressure that the baby does not feel great pain.

Clean gauze

Right from which sprout teeth to extremely sensitive and are trying to clean them can upset the baby.Instead of brushes, which may bode inflamed spots, use a soft gauze. Thus, the teeth to remain pearly white, and you will not touch the soft gums.


We should not underestimate the power of pats and affection when it comes to children's struggle with the pain. Sometimes a little more love, attention, and several special games all you need baby to overcome the tension.

Paracetamol or ipobrufen

If your baby is suffering great pain, consider medication that will reduce pain and facilitate the growth of her teeth. Be sure to consult beforehand with your doctor or pharmacist.

Care zubićima

If good care of your baby's first pearly white zubićima and learn how to take care of them to be grown, will have a beautiful smile full of life!

You need to clean the mouth and teeth to you are not yet erupted. After feeding her baby gently clean the wound with a tissue moistened lips around your finger.
Start by taking care of their teeth as soon as they occur. While the baby's first teeth to come out that are equally important as they are permanent, which will come in their place.
Beware of caries. The first sign of bad teeth the color change. Najbojim way to avoid the occurrence of dental caries is to never put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. If she regularly falls asleep with a bottle, never wash the tooth before bedtime, which means that a sweet drink (milk and has a lot of sugar in it) erodes tooth hours. If she can not sleep without her water bottle offer.
Give your baby water after each meal. A small amount of water after each meal will wash away most of the food to your baby's teeth.
Need a sufficient quantity of fluorine. If your child does not wash Tooth toothpaste that contains chlorine, it should be getting enough through drinking water. Chlorine is extremely important for preventing tooth decay, and that's why it is in the water.
Take your child to the dentist. Most parents mistakenly think that the first time to go to the dentist when the child turns out a tooth or when you go to school. In fact, the first visit to the dentist should be around three years (unless you notice a problem or a child complaining of a toothache), even though it will just sit in the big chair, his mouth open and receive praise for the wonderful tooth!

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