Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to help your child to speak?

Your child has said only three words, while a small neighbor, but as a great story? Do not worry, every child has their own pace of adoption of speech skills. But the truth is he in the process can certainly help.

It all starts with the first screaming. The infant crying and screaming his parents telling him something.Quickly conclude that this is a way to attract attention and to get what he lacks. Soon, the person parents notice mimicry, a mom and dad were very proud when their child is an innocent smile. Initially, all children in the same world and interact with their environment in the same way. With about four months baby still can not express, but recognize that the mother happy or sad, and studies have shown that the story you begin to distinguish people with them to their mother 'tongue.

In the ninth and twelfth month following the first utterance of syllables, and the parents noticed the child playing with an interest in looking at the ball, and after them. As if to ask, "How is this called?". Experts explain that the kids want their parents to tell them about the world around them, and these are the first steps in conscious communication. And after he utters his first words, it seems as if your beba─Ź literally absorbs everything around him.

But while there is little linguistic genius who at the age of ten months has different cat than a dog, a child is to take up to 21 months. Differences in the development of speech skills are quite normal. It does not mean that the above toddler truly become a genius, while the child who later adopted the speech, to be less intelligent.

Experts point out that parents, after 50-odd words of the adopted child's, children need to address with simple sentences consisting of two words. Enhanced communication is possible from the child's second birthday. But as much as 20 percent of the children even then not able to develop speech. Half of these children developed quite normally. Eventually be adopted by a voice skills and compensate for "lost time".
But if indeed there are problems with speaking, most parents feel that their child does not develop completely normally. Often, we in fact can help friends and family. If no one except you do not understand your child's speech may be in need of support specialists. In case of any doubts, consult your pediatrician.

To help your child in mastering the skills of speech, we bring expert advice.

One of the most important advice is for you to speak much. The man in fact, primarily eliminates the skill of speech than others. Youngster is interesting that the story while his mom feeds him, washes and moult.Take every opportunity to talk to your baby.

Books and stories for children opens a whole new world. Do not leave your child in front of a television show or a children's cartoon. They are much more interesting to listen to a story or listen to the grandmother's mother explains how a picture book. With many more to be learned because the issue is not one-sided communication.

Speech of the information, but also melody and rhythm. Surround your child pleasant music, sing him lullabies and teach it to children's songs.

Talking makes sense if we have a feeling that someone is interested in what you say. And that goes for children. It is important to listen to your child, no matter what the tenth time retells the tale they had heard.Children whose parents listen carefully, quickly adopted the art of speech.

In some cases, the cause of the problem in a speech to the organic nature. For example, a child who constantly eating only mashed potatoes, less exercise than the muscles of the mouth and chewed it to harder foods.

Correction, but only indirectly
During learning, children tend to pronounce a word wrong and change their meaning. Parents are clearly the children wanted to say, but needs to be corrected so as not to wrongly adopted certain concepts. Do it indirectly, because otherwise you can create frustration. Instead the child's assertion that "will eat cakes" (in fact to say that eating a cake), it indirectly correct sentence like "Ana eat cake" instead of "You're wrong to say ..."

Naming objects
The child is very curious when you begin to discover the world around them. When you notice that your fingers points to an object or send you a curious look, give him a subject that has attracted attention.

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