Monday, July 30, 2012

How babies to introduce solid foods?

Your baby's digestive system is unable to absorb and digest solid foods until at least three months old, so the only way through breast feeding or using a special milk. About 6 months you will see that your baby is no longer satisfactory feeding by breast milk or special, but is beginning to require a desire for real food. From 4-5 months you can slowly start introducing solid foods.

How to introduce solid foods

Always begin with one to two tablespoons of food. Gradually increase the amount of food depending on the baby's appetite. Do not introduce your baby too many different flavors at the same time. Bring a taste and wait at least 24 hours before adding new. This way you can identify which tastes your baby likes and dislikes that.

Choose a time when the baby is hungry, but note that it is not too hungry. You can sit on your lap or placed in a chair across from you. Put a spoon lightly between the lips of your baby, so she can herself to try to drag the food into his mouth. Her initial reaction may be to spit the food back into the spoon. She may be surprised at the taste and feel in the beginning, so be patient and talk with her encouraging it to eat.

It may soon discover that they enjoyed this new experience. If he spits the food back into the bucket, wait a bit and push the back of the spoon to her lips. When you eat a tablespoon wipe her mouth and get back to normal feeding.

Type of food
You can prepare the food yourself, or use a commercial brand of food for bebe.Jednom when the baby gets used to the cereal can start introducing new foods. As we said the baby's first solid food, purées of fruit or vegetables and whole grains also are ideal. Do not introduce citrus fruits, oranges, tomatoes, rib, egg whites, spinach, etc.. Never add salt to baby food, because even a small amount of salt can lead to dehydration.

Mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, corn and peas are also good. Mashed bananas, pears and apples or apple juice also correspond to the baby. Since oil and fat, you can use cooking oil, butter and margarine.

From my own experience I can tell you that I started with baby's full 5 months, and I made a mistake. The baby was ready, he quickly figured what to do. I started with a salty porridge, carrot was the first on the menu because the baby is very easy to get used to the flavor. Fruit is delicious and the babies are better accepted and is often given to them after a problem such as potatoes. Many mothers begin to rice grains that are mixed with water or milk and it is also a good start. For each mother to decide themselves when to start and when to feed your baby.

Do not expect the baby to immediately accept a spoon, they need your time and patience. Always have a ready milk if not breast-feed if the baby begins to be impatient and to get nervous.

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