Monday, July 30, 2012

Hold your baby

In the earliest age, in the first three months of life when the baby is unable to hold head firmly, it is necessary that the head and neck are supported on the palm of a person holds. While this is a butt in the second arm and whole body in a horizontal position, while the arms and legs free and unfettered in spontaneous activity that has a baby. In this way the baby is held firmly in this position is taken from the bed and it goes down, and also with bathing.

Keeping in breastfeeding
Child's body is turned to one side, the belly is facing the mother and the head lies safely in the hands of his mother's recess (recess of the elbow). Nipple is in the amount of the child's mouth, so to avoid movement of the head that a child is caught.

After feeding
Most principled position in which the baby to burp is easier to raise the compliance with, and his head is laid on the mother's side, with a light massage on the back.

During the swim
First of all, we need to warm the room in which to bathe and change their clothes child. The temperature should be around 24 degrees. Once you fill the tub with water, you should check the water temperature must be around 37 degrees. Now you can start swimming, and to follow a child with one hand under the arm with his head leaning on your arm, while the other, free hand washing.

Position the baby of six months
When your baby turns six months, you can wear it in a horizontal position, which is especially recommended for children who sleep on their stomach. With one hand holding baby's stomach and the other is below the shoulders so that the child's arms and legs freely. Wearing a baby on her hip is often practiced by mothers who are alone at home with a child who was aged six to 12 months, but much of the waking day is spent, and will not be just. This position corresponds to the mothers, but not babies because one arm behind him who holds it, and therefore less functional. So do not often use this position.
After nine months a baby can even exercise while wearing it. With one hand holding baby's stomach, and the second correcting knee. In this way, children strengthen back muscles.

Do not go overboard with the dressing!
When a baby is crying, mom and dad do not release the hand. Wearing the wrong, because in this way develop a mutual relationship, but need not, in fact overdone. Baby is necessary to move unfettered hands and feet, if you can not wear it constantly. Another bad consequence of premature and excessive wear in the upright position is the overload of back muscles, which causes the baby to the irregular position of the spine.

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