Monday, July 30, 2012

Does your baby can be spoiled

Is it possible to spoil a baby?

"If I take my baby in my arms every time you cry, will I spoil it?" Question that every new parent asks a lot of times. This theme dealt with the many studies, and have written entire books and numerous articles.Opinions have changed from the time of our parents. Learn the answers given by experts, and why it is important to properly respond to your baby's needs.

The answer is a specialist jednosglasan: No, you can pamper your baby! Support for children in the development of Dr T. Berry Brazelton says that it is impossible to spoil a child during the first year of her life.

However, despite evidence that the baby can not indulge in this age, the survey showed that many parents still believe that the baby is constantly taking in his arms and be spoiled "get used to your hands."According to the survey, 75% of parents of children (aged 0 to 6 months), 64% of grandparents and 62% of prospective parents, believes that the baby is 6 months old to be spoiled.

It all started back in 1920. when the experts told parents that they must refrain from lifting and carrying your baby every time you cry. Parents who took her baby in her arms every time you cry, they had to deal with that that their child is dependent and intrusive, deemed the "experts". There is no scientific evidence for this theory, and it was all based on opinion, not fact. Although the subsequent scientific research has shown that the theory is wrong, they are still handed down from generation to generation and still affects the majority of parents.

The importance of parents' responses to the child's crying

The correct response to the baby's needs and help influence the emotional security and independence of the child in adulthood. "Spoiled children" have learned to use negative behavior in order to get what they want. But, your baby is too small to bother you, or you deliberately manipulated. When baby cries, she speaks to you and tries to say he is hungry, she needs to touch, to have her wet diaper, did not feel well ....Crying is her only means of communication with the environment. When you consistently and correctly respond to her cries and satisfy her need, she receives the knowledge that you are the ones who provides her with the reliability and safety, and that you can trust. Each time you take in my arms she felt that connection with you and know that it is loved. Positive and correct response to the needs of parents baby during the first year of life, helping your child during his growing up to become much more tolerant and emotionally secure. Simply put, you believe it. Feeling the security of the parents or guardians, the child builds their confidence, and as a result of that you have less weepy and irritable child.

An adequate response to the compelling need of your baby, when she expresses them only tears, is the foundation for a child's later interest in new things, develop independence, self-confidence and independence, because she knows she can always come back to you, because there is safety and comfort any time.

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