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Bathing the baby

To keep the wet and slippery newborn takes a little practice and confidence, but do not worry, after a couple of swimming, you and your child will get used to and enjoy socializing.

Your baby is just getting used to the world around you ready for a swim and time to make all necessary preparations to swim any more comfortable. The bathing of the newborn is not just to make your child was clean, but also for further rapprochement between you and the child. Some babies enjoy being in the warm water from the very beginning, while others need time to adapt to this new feeling of water on their sensitive skin.

The first week

Not recommended for the first week after birth the baby bath, just rubbing with gauze or a hot towel and head to toe. Before you start removing the baby, make sure that the room in which to do so hot, that the temperature should not fall below 22oC. Fill a bowl with hot water, put the baby on a clean towel, remove it and start deleting.

Start with a baby face, that is, removing the eyes, starting from the inner corner of eye out. When you delete one eye, do not act with the same towel to delete the other eye, as the bacteria and dirt can not be transferred from one eye to another. Towel often wash out in warm water to remove bacteria and dirt to towel the whole time was warm. Wipe the baby ears, nose and whole face, but do not wipe inside the ear.Each body part thoroughly wipe, to remove sweat and dirt that can be gentle on baby's skin different cause irritation. Do not forget the area behind the ears.

Of course, each time changing diapers, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the baby's crotch, which includes the genitals and buttocks. For these are the best baby wet wipes that are available in all grocery stores and drug stores, are very gentle for baby's skin, but clean dirt from the feces.

How do you delete the baby's body parts with a wet cloth, and wipe them dry, so the baby would not be cold. After you wash your baby, you can coat the skin with a mild baby lotion or baby oil to prevent skin from drying and flaking.

First bath

The first bath is recommended only after the waste umbilical cord. If this is your first child, perhaps you would be a little afraid of the first bath, but you must remain calm so you can keep your baby as it starts to move in the bath. In those moments, we also recommend that you ask another person for help. To keep the wet and slippery newborn takes a little practice and confidence, but do not worry, after a couple of swimming, you and your child will get used to and enjoy socializing. Most babies love warm water, so most of them after the initial enthusiasm and calm sleep after bathing.

In the room where the baby warm bath to a comfortable temperature, make sure you have the room sealed windows, no drafts or any flow of cold air. Also, during the first weeks after birth the baby, bathing will be much easier for the baby in the tub or kitchen sink for example. Great when you can be very awkward for bathing a newborn, especially if you do not have much practice at it.

How often do you bathe?

You do not have a baby and you can swim every day, it's more a matter of your choice, and every day between swimming, baby can not delete a hot cloth, just like in the early days, before the umbilical cord fell off. Baby still needs a bath at least two to three times a week. As the water in Croatia mostly hard, think hard whether to bathe your baby every day, because there could be drying out her skin. Also does not miss a special place in water bath for the baby, which nourishes and soothes baby's skin dry. Given that these oil-based bath, be careful because the baby because it will be even more slippery to hold.

More tips ...

First Wash hands, prepare all the necessary things for the bath - sponge bath for the baby, at least one towel, diaper and clothes.

Second Fill the baby tub and a basin of warm water, approximately 13 centimeters, enough that you can put the baby into the water and that her shoulders under the water.

Third The water should be neither too hot nor cold. It is recommended that temperatures of about 37 ° C, a temperature can be measured with a thermometer in the water.

4th When you fill the tub, bring the baby, remove it, wrap in a towel so that the head is free and easy to wash baby's hair and face before her release into the water. After that, you can get down into the water and quickly wash the rest of the body if the baby does not enjoy the bath. If you enjoy, there is no reason to wash face and hair outside the bath. Let your baby enjoy a swim.

5th Wash your baby's eyes, ears, face and neck just as you would if you delete a baby towel.

6th Keep the baby to her head above water, and its head (and hair if it is) with a light wash with shampoo, using a soft towel flanelni. Then rinse and dry the head and hair.

7th If before bathing a baby diaper filled with feces, before you put it in the bath, wipe it, how not to transfer sewage to the water.

8th When placing the baby in the water, put your feet first, using one hand to support the head and the garden.

9th Wash your child with a mild baby soap, neutral pH and odor in the water or add a baby bath.

10th If you prefer your child to swim only in water, however, recommend that the groin area where all the time has nappy wash with mild soap, because children's faeces are a large percentage of fat, the soap will be easier to remove the child's skin.

11th When swimming, you can use your hands, sponge or towel flanelni to wash the baby.

12th Rinse the baby after it booted up from the tub, and raise it in a way that with one hand holding her neck and head the other hand let it be under the buttocks, with the thumb and forefinger to hold the baby, about one foot in the groin area.

13th After washing, wrap the baby in a hooded towel, wipe it, apply the groin and genital area moisturizers cream and put a diaper. After that, re-wrap it in a dry towel or blanket, and about ten minutes grijte in his embrace.

14th Then dress your baby in clean clothes, wrap her in a soft, warm blanket and uspavajte.

15th Never leave your baby alone in the tub. Neither a second!

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