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Why do babies cry?

You brought your baby home and have you crying with her first panic. It is possible that the baby is hungry, wet, to her stuffy nose, that she's hot ...
When a baby cries to offer her teats. If at first you do not have enough milk, breastfeeds frequently (every 20 to 30 minutes after a few sips) will lead to his nadolaženja, so that in a few danamleka in your breasts to be plentiful.

Does not reach immediately for artificial food. More frequent breastfeeds will ensure adequate supplies of food for your baby, where the first days and does not need much.

If the baby is still unsettled, make sure you do manage to extract milk from the breast. If you drag 'on empty', it will make your nipples do crack (crack), will remain hungry, and your breasts will fill. If you clear them yourself, can lead to inflammation (mastitis), which is the worst possible combination.

Traces of milk on a baby's language as a sure sign that it can deliver milk, so it is worth to fight hard until you learn to suck nice.

But if the language after feedings and still rosy, if feeding takes longer than half an hour, while a baby is crying every now and then, probably does not have sucked.

Flat warts may or may not be an obstacle to successful breastfeeding. Push the top of the baby the whole breast in his mouth (while breast should not be overloaded and strained), and if it fails to latch, try breast-feeding over artificial, silicone nipples (the softer and thinner).

If this does not help, izmlazajte and feed your baby with breast milk with a teaspoon otkuvane, persistently trying to breastfeed.

If even after ten days you do not succeed, you feed your baby breast milk through a bottle izmlaženim. This milk is kept in otkuvanoj container in the refrigerator (up to three days), and before using heated to body temperature (not prokuvava, as the proteins would not be destroyed).

Your milk may not be 'weak'. However, you should know that the first milk, called colostrum, it appears as a guide, it is just such a need at that moment the baby, and that it is never too much, because the baby's body at that age would not be able to receive a large amount of liquid.

If you regularly breastfeed, milk soon becomes yellow, and white. Hold your baby on one breast until it was all suck, and then move on to another, is not the same as the composition of milk at the beginning and end of feeding (first milk is vodenije and sweeter, and the last is thicker and oily).

If you are breastfeeding only ten minutes from both breasts, the baby will get only vodenije milk, poor in important vitamins that are fat soluble.

If you are breastfeeding twins, let every man sucking from one breast to the end (and can simultaneously).

Nice sucking baby who does not seek to hold water, because it gets enough fluids through the mother's milk, even when it's hot.

How often should a newborn baby to suck? The answer is: whenever you wish - day or night. If you can not be just, it should wake up after three to three and a half hours, a baby weight under three pounds and more.

If crying after feedings

Check if something bothers her. Touches the handle and feet. If you are cold, the winter baby, change him and Stay warm. If the baby is sweaty, hot it is, change him and raskomoti.

The infant in the first six weeks not a fully developed center for thermoregulation, and can easily be cooled or overheated.

If the baby's nose is blocked, it should be cleaned (saline, with the nose of the hood).

If your baby has colic, massage her tummy gentle movements of fingers around the navel, in the clockwise direction, or give her colic drops (Espumisan, Sab-simplex).

If anything does not work and laid the baby on the breast itself. It will, at least temporarily, to calm down when you hear your heart, which is so loved to listen to while in your stomach. Prijaće her and gently ljuljuškanje, and easy driving a car.

But do not, that "shake" in her arms, because it causes a concussion with possible permanent consequences.

Baby cries when it is unstable set that lies on her side. Therefore, the set semilateral, poduprevši under the back cover, not to reverse a straight back.

Tears as a sign that the time for swimming

The baby is crying and when ukaki as 'required' to change his clothes. Body part are dirty wipe wet diaper - of the genitals to the anus, not vice versa - that intestinal bacteria could not enter the urinary tract.

Baby a bath once a day (whole, including washing hair), regardless of the navel. The only thing is not submerged in a tub of water until the navel is dry, it is not infected.

Bathing is done under the tap so that the baby is held over one arm, a second poliva top to bottom - from the back side, and the same way sapunja and flushed.

The water temperature should be comfortable for the hand (about 37 degrees - try the elbow), a room temperature of 26-28 degrees during the swim. Before dressing the part exposed to urine smeared baby cream.

Newborn babies usually sleep and sucking. When hungry, crying heavily, with her chin tremble often, which is a physiological phenomenon. During deep sleep, breathing evenly. But when I dream or wake up - breathing irregularly, sometimes with short breaks. Occasional jerks of the body and hands, with fingers spread, especially in response to loud sound or vibration of the floor.

And this is normal, although a baby who was rated at birth of less than eight, and often twitching for no apparent reason, it still needs to see a doctor.

Over time you will learn to understand your baby's crying, which is not always the same. Some babies bljuckaju lot. If you are progressing nicely, it does not require any testing, but only a good belch in an upright position after feeding, and lying down with raised headboard (set on a towel roll under the mattress).

I hiccup after burping is a common phenomenon that the baby does not mind and stops spontaneously.

If the general condition of the child who is crying is often good, no problems. But if the baby changing behavior, be not to suck, or is excessively irritable - please contact your doctor, maybe a little pain.

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