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When your baby is crying

Mothers generally think that a baby should not be left to cry, but that should be taken immediately in his arms and embrace. On the other hand, babies instinctively feel uncomfortable when the mother is left alone in the crib. The result is that the baby feels insecure and starts crying with a loud voice to safety again found in mom's arms.

In this case the advice is that the baby needed to be occasional views of the game and explore the environment.
To be accustomed to solitude, to put it in a safe place so that the mother always in view.
Mama to her story, her smiles, but at the same time to perform their jobs.
And if your baby is crying for five minutes - is not no drama.

Crying is always a call for help

Maybe you did not expect your baby, while the bear, stroke or even rides around the neighborhood, do not stop crying. What's behind the inconsolable crying? Whether your child is really trying to say something?"Crying is always a call for help," said dr. Dan Levy, a professor of general pediatrics at the University, of Maryland.

"Babies have very limited opportunities to attract attention, and crying is an important factor that draws attention to their basic needs."

The very notion that crying is a way of communication does not help confused parents understand what those needs might be. You have to pass various options to obtain the results. Is the baby hungry? How much time has passed when the last time you changed her diaper? Is she asleep?

Discovering the cause of crying

Reconcile with your child and write. Does it seem that most crying during certain hours, say at night? It may be irritable. After a full day of new discoveries - from the observation that the family runs around the discovery of new sounds - every child is welcome to take a short break in the peace and quiet. Or have you noticed that often cries in the morning. In a hurry ispraćanja guests, you might have forgotten the time to prepare a meal.

When you listen to your baby, you will begin to discover the causes of anxiety only in the tone of your baby "voice." "Learn the meaning of crying thing is experience, and careful monitoring," said dr. Levy. "Most parents can recognize the meaning of tears by the amount of voice, tone and endurance. Vrištav, persistent and enduring tears are a sign of anxiety. The other extreme, a muffled cry, crying, grumbling type, which can simply mean" I want a little of your attention. "

The correct response

Do you need to ignore the cries if you think your child is crying "only" because they want some attention?According to Jan Hunt, author of The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart, the answer is no. "Ignore the crying as a signal to ignore the warning smoke detectors because you are getting on my nerves," she said. "This signal is used to alert you to respond."

If you do not respond to crying, whether it is a fear that does not spoil or out of sheer frustration, jeopardize the trust. This gives her the confidence to know that you will react when he tries to communicate with you. What more you communicate, the faster you will understand what you trying to say. Research shows that children who are crying to respond better to develop a sense of security by the person who cares. Newborns do not try to manipulate their parents, but signaled that they need help.

Remain calm

Remember that you are not alone if you can withstand the cries of your baby. Be prepared: many babies can cry for up to three hours a day! Once you have tried everything - from eating, wearing, changing diapers, bathing in warm water - and it seems that nothing helps, do anything to keep his frustration in check. Try to control yourself, before you "inspected" the child.

Take a deep breath and remember that the baby should cry. Ask a close person to help you when you feel that your patience may be issued or simply go for a walk. Sometimes a change of environment may well affect you and your child. Cole suggests that the child takes the father after the mother exhausted. "Babies sometimes react badly to high voice, and his father's deep voice - especially if the child is leaning on his chest - is different, and often failed," she said.

Every new parent can be a lot to learn: how to put diapers, how to care for that console. Learn to identify the cause of crying may be one of the hardest skills you'll acquire. Knowing that your baby is crying to be able to give you security that is the day when you will need to understand your baby's very close.

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