Saturday, May 5, 2012

When teeth are former or late

It is common for babies first teeth erupt at the age of six months, but it happens and teeth to arrive much earlier or later. Anđelka Kotević, senior nurse and the head of a telephone counseling service, "Hello baby," explains that babies sometimes born with some tooth, usually one or two incisors in the mandible.

- Causes of premature eruption of teeth may be either legacy or enhanced functioning of endocrine glands.If the clank, these teeth should be removed because the baby can swallow them - she advised, adding that extremely rare tooth can spring up in the first month of baby's life. If this happens, then we should expect that other teeth to sprout earlier than usual.
Kotević states that if the teeth to appear until the first birthday, parents are required to take the child pediatric dentist, who will determine how future monitoring of the child.
- The delay can cause a number of reasons. If the baby was premature, is easier than it should to her age and not progressing nicely, and then the teeth are to appear later. Late eruption may be due to the slow work of endocrine glands, but is then usually accompanied by other symptoms of illness. But if the baby is healthy and progressing nicely, then the delay is probably hereditary, she explains.

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