Thursday, May 3, 2012

When a normal child gets the first tooth?

Between the sixth and eighth month most babies begin to sprout teeth. Let the baby gets the first tooth of three months, while the other eighteen. Both are healthy and develop normally for the first time of the eruption of teeth is usually caused by heredity. Some diseases can affect tooth eruption, but it is extremely rare.

It is common for first babies sprout two lower central incisors (the unit). The incisors are eight front teeth (four upper and four lower). A few months later sprout upper teeth, usually four of them in the space of a month. So the baby of the year has an average of six teeth - four up and two down. Then go break of several months, until the next series. Then suddenly breaks out one after the other six teeth: two incisors below and the remaining four first molars. Molars is not popping up next to the incisors, because they leave a place for canines.
After the appearance of the first molar resulting delay of several months and then between the incisors and molars grow fangs. This usually happens in the second half of next year. Only at the end of the sprout four molars (second behind the first molars) usually half of the third year. This represents an average eruption of teeth. No need to worry if your baby's teething schedule earlier or later.
Some babies can be born with teeth (natal teeth). Usually one or two incisors in the lower jaw, although it may be up to eight natal teeth. They should be removed because there is a chance to breathe and the baby that chokes. Extremely rare tooth can be built in the first thirty days of the baby's life (neonatal teeth). For these children, and permanent teeth will come up before.
Babies behave differently when they sprout teeth. Let kenka, chews everything you touched, drooling, difficult to sleep, wakes up every hour and is repeated every month - two sprout when her teeth. Second baby teeth usually appear seamlessly and parents see it in your mouth, not knowing that emerges.
During the first three years of life children get twenty teeth, because parents seem to them constantly sprouting teeth and even attributed to this disease completely normal process.

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