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When a child give up nappies?

Most children will be ready for potty training with two years of life, but some children will quit in the fourth year ...

It seems like yesterday that you changed the first diaper your baby, and now you have to wean her from it.Spring and summer is the perfect time when you can do. There is no particular age when some children have to give up diapers, but the most common age when you begin to potty train a year and a half to two years, although some children will not be ready for potty training until the third or fourth year of life.

It is very important to try to evaluate yourself if your child is mentally ready to quit. Also, it is almost impossible to estimate how much will your child need to learn to control large and small bathroom. Some children just need a few days, another few months, but do not worry, every child will sooner or later catch "grif".

To avoid losing your nerves right on this very important task in the life of your child, we have prepared some useful tips.

Assess the readiness of your child

As I have pointed out the majority of children will be ready for potty training with two years of life, but some children will quit in the fourth year of life. In order to assess the readiness of the child, the signals look like a child imitating your habit of going to the toilet and the like. What is most important that if you force a child is not ready, they might do more harm than good.

Buy the right "equipment"

Under the right "equipment" refers to children kahlicu or children continue to sit on the toilet normal shells. Whatever you decide, it is very important that the child can sit stabilize the legs to be able to move or put up with kahlice you will have problems with bowel or when it will end up with necessity. How will you initially have to be present when the child will perform in the emergency kahlici, try zaintererati a book or a game that is appropriate for that moment.

Create a routine

To relieve your child learn to kahlici, try to create a routine of going to kahlicu example after breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bath, before walking and the like. how the child got the feeling of a toilet and a sense of the routine. If you do not want to sit on kahlici, do not physically forced, especially if you do not force the child looks frightened. In this case kahlicu put some time aside at least a week or a month and try again. Try to explain why the child should sit on kahlici simply will not work, your only mission that the child gets used to kahlicu.

Ditch the nappies

Sit your child on kahlicu, of course, no diapers, got used to the feeling of sitting and shitting. At this point you can try to explain to the child that this is what you do every day mom and dad and his brothers and sisters (if any) work. If you fail to make big or small bathroom, that's fine, but do not force the child. Allow the child to be ready and to show interest in using only kahlicu or toilet bowl.

Explain the process

The next time your child carry a large or a small bathroom in a diaper, the diaper in the first empty kahlicu and Sit the child, so that it linked the rank and place of a toilet. Feel free to him after that show where to put the emergency kahlice and allow him to let the water (if you want). Teach him how to dress himself after the emergency and of course, wash your hands.

Accept the independence

Encourage your child to use kahlicu when he wants or feels the need. Also, make sure that the child be aware that you can tell when you need to pee and you'll put it on kahlicu you wish. You can let him run around without diapers with clothing, but make sure that kahlica be near. Also, from time to time ask your child has the need to pee and remind him that kahlica always available.

Summer is the best

As already mentioned, the best time to potty train the summer, because the child can wear lightweight pants, a skirt with no panties girls when they are at home and so they become accustomed to kahlicu. The child will feel more comfortable without a diaper during the summer heat, and you'll be able to respond when a child begins to perform emergency and not sitting on kahlici. When this happens, quickly put it on kahlicu and warn him that to his place on which to perform emergency.

Diapers for the night

No matter what your child during the day were overcome by the kahlici the toilet, it does not mean that in the night to be equal. In such a young age, the child's body has not developed a sense that is awakened in the night to pee, so why do not immediately throw the diaper. It may take months or even years, when the child does not fully overcome the nocturnal visits to the toilet or to sleep without waking up.

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