Monday, May 7, 2012

What to take with me into the maternity ward?

Required documentation
• health card
• ID card
• blood group and Rh factor
• test results in jaundice (HbS Ag)
• Results of analysis of secretion
• results of the last ultrasound
• results of recent blood and urine
• referral to the maternity ward of a doctor who ran a pregnancy

Things needed for the delivery room (bag A)
• nightgown
• soap
• toilet paper
• slippers
• Towel

Things need to stay at the clinic mothers (bag B)
• nightgown (two pieces)
• slippers
• Bathrobe
• toilet paper
• toilet articles
• Two towels
• mesh pads (20 pieces)
• Thermometer
• pads for the bed (3 pieces)
• plastic cup

Things needed for the infant (bag F)
• Disposable diapers (10 pieces)
• diapers tetra (5 pieces)
• baby shirts (5 pieces)
• Sweden's pants (5 pcs)
• bodice (5 pcs)
• more towel (1 piece)
• oily cream
• Wipes

Things necessary for the discharge of the newborn
• pad or carrier for taking baby
• Disposable diapers (1 piece)
• Sweden's panties (1 piece)
• tetra diapers (1 piece)
• little shirt
• first clothes
• cap

Note: The list of items is only indicative, the amount and type of thing depends on whether it will be a vaginal delivery or caesarean section, and how long you stay in the hospital afterwards.

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