Saturday, May 5, 2012

What tells you the baby crying?

The young and inexperienced parents crying once brought to the brink of nervous because I do not know what it really means. Most of them thought that the child is sick when they wake up in the middle of the night crying.

Fortunately, in most cases it is not a serious problem. Midwife Gina Ford, author of "The new happy little baby," explains why babies cry and often advises parents what to take in certain situations, in order to appease their pets, says "Blic woman."

This is the easiest and most common reason is overcome. As soon as the feed, the baby will calm down. Do not forget to pick it up to burp and expel the air that is swallowed with the milk.

The baby may be upset if her wet diaper, if she is hot or cold. Make sure the child is dry and properly trained. Ventilate the room.

When tired, the baby thrashes the crib, rubbing the face paddle and screaming, it may seem alarming.Smiƙice it as soon as you take in your arms.

Noise and crowds all day sometimes cry baby. If this is the cause of crying is hard to calm down. Keep it in her arms, sings and try to calm down.

If you have a painful ear infection, your baby will not stop crying even after a long bringing.  If you rub your ear and pulls him to take her doctor. The child may also cry for hours and the regular cold but it can not breathe through her nose. In this case helps saline.

The growth of the teeth
Red, swollen gums, stuffing fingers or fists in the mouth are enough proof that the baby teeth to spring up, which can be extremely painful.

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