Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacations in pregnancy

Expecting a baby and think that this is the last chance for a peaceful holiday? Want to experience by yourself in the company of her husband second honeymoon, before the old boy is born. After the mandatory consultation with a gynecologist, choose places with milder climate and clean beaches. > According to the instructions of doctors make specific arrangements cache pharmacy, you'll take with me.When choosing a hotel, give preference to the one in which there is a medical office, or is near the medical cent.

Decisive role in choosing the place for your vacation does not have to cost a vacation, but your growing belly. His "opinion" should primarily be considered. It does not suit every type of holiday, and not every hot country will be ideal for him. If you want the holiday to be even a bit exotic, that includes the sun, sea and comfort, you have to choose carefully. Select the country, especially given its climate. For example, on India and Thailand do not even think. China and Seychelles also be without you. Not recommended for any trip to Egypt. Never mind the price of tourist workers to be there at rest, at any time of year, many pregnant women. Primarily due to very hot and dry climate of Egypt is a paradise for you. Even in the prime of tourists know to create certain health problems. Just know that you can "earn" burns and heat stroke even in the shade, protected by a hat and creams. Does not reduce the heat even close to the sea, flying at night is even very humid. (Mercury in a thermometer known to fly cross and 45 C) Our advice is to not run the risk of health kiddies, and not their own. Egypt could and to wait a year ...

You can consider neighboring Bulgaria. In the last ten years on the Black Sea tourism has developed a good, modern facilities. Attractive prices for our standard of a reasonable quality of accommodation and entertainment programs are a good recommendation for a stay in this country. The only obstacle that can not represent that it provided air transportation to the coast.

Friendly people, mild climate and organized entertainment are the best recommendation for a visit to Greece and its islands.

> By mogustvu visit the Corfu, the greenest and najsumovitijeostrvo. Endless hills covered with olive trees, crystal clear water to be called back yet. The mother can only enjoys slow walks in the small wooded islands, beautiful marinas.

Turkey is also characterized by a milder climate, although the air temperature in summer can not exceed 35 degrees. Good, unobtrusive service is a great recommendation for a visit to this country. There are plenty of leisure centers, aqua-parks, beaches with golden sand, offering a pleasant rest and relaxation. Only on what to pay attention not to choose the wrong hotel overlooking the neighbor's room, but the sea and the city. Therefore, carefully review the map hotels on the coast.

To you to decide. In addition to the mandatory consultation with the doctor before the trip, you need to pay attention to some other things during the holidays. When the weather is warm, pay special attention to drinking enough fluids in the body. Be sure to use bottled water-not the one with the fountain, in which large quantities.

Avoid specific and exotic food-especially seafood. Give priority foods known to prevent it from unwanted disturbances and digestive problems. Even in the morning and afternoon hours when solar activity is not so great, stay in the shade. Of course, use any sunscreens with the highest protection factor. The required dose of ultraviolet rays you get, what the surplus is concerned, the least you do not.

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