Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunscreens are not for babies

Babies younger than six months should never put sunscreen. They are protected in other ways.

As the baby should be protected when running for a walk?
A baby should be put in a thin cotton shirt and pants. On her head must put a hat with a brim, and sunglasses that protect against UV radiation. On the trolley to attach umbrella, so that your baby all the time in the shade. The walk is best to go up to 10 hours of the morning and afternoon of 16 hours.

What SPF should start rubbing baby after six months?
Infants older than six months is necessary to put on sunscreen, a label on the cream should be SPF 15 or higher, and that the product has a UVA filter. The cream is applied 20 minutes before going out for a walk, and re-applied every two hours (if the child is still exposed to UV rays).

At rest, the procedure is the same. It is important to know that the child should be re-spread with cream if you were in the water or pools, although it was not two hours. Always carry a parasol on the beach. Direct exposure to sunlight no use to anyone, let alone bebi or small child.

Do sunscreens can be harmful?
Preparations for protection from the sun can be harmful if the child is allergic to a particular product.When buying protective creams should be noted that the ingredient does not contain PABA, because many children are sensitive to it.

When using a new moisturizer, apply a small area and follow that no rash, redness or itching in the next 24 hours. Only then you can use a barrier cream, especially one that is for babies.

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